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ACPET welcomes efforts to improve quality


MEDIA RELEASE 26 August 2016

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET) supports the Victorian Government’s efforts, through the Skills First program, to ensure only quality providers can deliver government funded training.

ACPET CEO Rod Camm said the industry was pleased that Victorian students will continue to have access to government-funded training delivered by a choice of quality provider, public and private.

“ACPET members support any efforts that will restore confidence in the training industry and improve outcomes for students and industry,” he said. However, Mr Camm urged the Government to maintain the balance between “more management” of the training system announced today and flexibility to allow the training system to respond to emerging needs.

Mr Camm said ACPET was looking for stability in the course and price list and government needed to ensure that the subsidies paid for qualifications enabled the delivery of quality training.“ As we heard at our conference this week, the nature of work is rapidly changing and our training system must be agile and responsive to evolving industry and student needs,” he said. “This was the risk with a government imposed list of supported qualifications. We believe that a student-centric system, one that empowers students to make informed choices about their education and training, is the best way to ensure this flexibility.”

Mr Camm said ACPET and the Victorian Government were aligned in their commitment to quality in training providers and outcomes for students. “We have just launched the ACPET Quality Endorsed program which independently verifies a provider’s performance at every stage of a student’s journey.

“We look forward to working with the Victorian Government on this initiative and are committed to ensuring this program becomes the benchmark for government selection for quality providers.” Mr Camm said private providers in Victoria are now reviewing the new funded courses list to assess the impact of the changes on their students and industry partners. “We await the release of the new funding contracts to understand the detail behind the new arrangements,” he said.

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