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ASQA NEWS: First ‘annual declaration of compliance’ due in March 2016

The Standards for RTOs 2015 require each RTO to provide ASQA with an annual declaration on compliance with the Standards. When you submit this declaration, you are confirming to ASQA that you:

  • systematically monitor your RTO’s compliance, and
  • implement preventive and corrective improvements where considered necessary.

The first submission of the annual declaration will be required by 31 March 2016.

In 2016, RTOs will be required to complete a declaration form and submit this form by email to a dedicated mailbox. ASQA will shortly publish the form on its website and notify RTOs by email. In future years, RTOs will be able to submit their declaration through ASQAnet.

The form will require the CEO of each RTO to declare:

  1. Whether the RTO currently complies with each national standard and if not, what actions are being taken to remedy non-compliance.
  2. Whether the RTO complied with each national standard for all AQF certification it issued since 1 April 2015.
  3. Whether the RTO has training and assessment strategies and practices in place to ensure all learners will receive training and assessment in accordance with the requirements of the Standards.
  4. The names and roles of all persons who exercise a significant degree of control or influence over the management or direction of the RTO.
  5. That the RTO (considering all significant owners and managerial agents) meets the Fit and Proper Person Requirements of the Standards.
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