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But my data is not on my servers?! How secure is my data?

There are two issues here. One is of data being hosted at our servers. That is protected by the fact that we allow you to backup your data from our servers at a regular basis so that you can physically have a copy of your own data.

Second issue is that of security and how securely the data is hosted. Software Dreams hosts its web servers with Gold Coast Communications (formerly known as Data FX Online) that has an industry standard grade data centre. Further information about them is available from www.gcomm.com.au.

Gold Coast Communications and RTO Control Systems Pty. Ltd employ the following security devices to ensure network protection:

  • Hardware and Software Firewalls.
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Strong password policies
  • Secure logins (HTTP’s)
  • Account lock out policies
  • Use of non-standard ports
  • Antivirus and spyware protection
  • Database level protection
  • Restricted personnel access to our servers

Your database is stored on a web server that is not accessible from the internet via any other means other than the TEAMS program and this is only done via a separate web server.  For further details refer to our Data Security Policy.

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