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Choosing a Student Management System? Don’t make a fatal mistake

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When considering purchasing software as crucial as a Student Management System that will run the whole organisation, some organisations make a fatal mistake. They leave the final decision for the software based on their admin level staff. Staff that may care for the software that looks ‘pretty’ instead of really putting something through its paces and thinking beyond the basics.

Don’t make that costly mistake! Choosing the wrong software based on looks and so-called simplicity alone can really affect your college’s growth, put your compliance at risk and really become a pain in the neck when it comes time to handle anything more than just basic student management and data entry. There is more to getting the right MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE than meets the eye of the uninitiated.

You need to pay attention to how well the software integrates all your college’s departments. Does it offer all the functionality that you will need now and into the future? Are you allowing a smooth talking software vendor to bamboozle you with how nice and pretty their software looks only to find out a few weeks or months later that it doesn’t deliver on key areas that your college desperately needs to grow? Things such as carefully thought out processes that can actually make you faster and more efficient as well as more compliant over the long run?

Don’t get me wrong. I think pretty is a good thing. But it will not save you come audit time when you realise that your pretty software turned out to pretty useless! Nor will it help you when you have to double data entry (no financial information stored in the software, lack of adequate document management or proper audit logs to help you track who did what for example)

Are you leaving the choice of purchasing the software to your lower level admin staff? While being pretty may be useful  when you are deciding on small very limited software such as a calendar tool or a small applet on your mobile phone, when it comes to software that will affect your entire organisation and how it runs, do not make this common yet fatal mistake.

We have had a number of clients who chose pretty over deep functionality and true management capability, only to be stung by it and then coming back and choosing TEAMS afterwards. They lost a few years and thousands of dollars and put their compliance at risk in the process!

Your college matters. Choose the software that will deliver and that has the maturity and capability to deliver. We guarantee our client satisfaction and have the highest retention of all Student Management Systems over more than 10+ years of being in the market. Our software is mature, capable, effective and comes with a proven track record of allowing you to grow (sometimes as much as 17 fold in a few short years). We use our deep industry knowledge and enterprise level systems design capabilities and help some of the best colleges across Australia.

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