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National Code 2007

  • Monitoring Attendance – timetables, class rolls, easy to use attendance screens and various attendance calculations and reports makes monitoring attendance easy.  Initiating your intervention strategy for a student and warning them of their attendance through Email, SMS and traditional letters allows you to track all communications from one location and report on this as well.

  • Monitoring Course Progress – group training plans, student results that can be done in bulk and our student performance report allows you to easily monitor a student’s performance.  Initiating your intervention strategy and warning a student of their non-performance through Email, SMS and traditional letters is simple and quick.

TEAMS can help you manage your compliance in 12 of the National Code 2007 standards. 


  • Agent Resource Centre – agents can create proposals for you (if you choose to allow them to do so) enabling you to generate Letters of Offers direct from TEAMS.  This can be restricted to specific/trusted agents or you can allow all of your agents to use this feature.

  • Agent Commissions – agent commission invoices are generated automatically by the system and can be edited where needed.  Our Commission Payment screen is simple and easy to use. A number of different agent reports makes monitoring the performance of your agents quick and easy.

CoE & Visa management

  • You can enter visa dates and CoE dates against a student’s enrolment and also upload scanned copies of their CoE and Visas into TEAMS.

  • Our CoE Expiry Report allows you to see your student’s CoE dates against their enrolment dates.

  • Using the Visa Expiry report will also allow you to see which students may have Visas that are going to expiry within a specific period of time.

Accommodation & Guardians

  • Tracking whether a student requires accommodation/homestay or who they are staying with is easy through the accommodation allocation process.

  • You can setup Guardians and allocate them to your under 18yrs students and then very quickly run a report to see a list of all these students and who their guardians are.

  • Accommodation/homestay payments are easy using the Accommodation Payment screen and specific reports.

Study Tours

  • Create individual study tours and then link a group of students to it.  This allows you to then raise one Agent invoice for this group.

  • Allocate study tour students to a timetable so they can be included in an existing class roll or create a timetable and class roll just for the study tour.

  • Allocate each student in a study tour to an accommodation or homestay provider easily from the Study Tours Centre.

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