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Does TEAMS integrate with MYOB?

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Yes. TEAMS provides a seamless capability to copy your student invoices and receipts across into MYOB. This ensures that MYOB is kept up-to-date without you having to double enter the student invoice and receipts data into MYOB.

We also have extensive knowledge in MYOB setup having seen a variety of RTOs do things in many different styles,

we can help you with your MYOB setup so that it is “TEAMS friendly” and also so that it is the least time consuming and easy to port data across from TEAMS to MYOB.

Using TEAMS and MYOB you are able to produce a complete set of accounts within MYOB with minimal data entry. Essentially TEAMS looks after all your student accounts receivables and Agents Commissions and Accommodation fees while MYOB does your payroll, accounts payables and other financial reports. Please refer to “What type of Financial functionality does TEAMS provide?” for further information about what TEAMS can handle and what is to be done in MYOB.

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