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TEAMS has a number of different AVETMISS exports available that include:

  • Standard AVETMISS exports that meet the NCVER AVETMISS VET Provider collection Standards release 6.0.  It covers all the state level requirements as well.

  • WA AVETMISS exports that meet the Department of Education & Training specifications.

  • NSW Non-APL AVETMISS exports requires less information in the Nat00120 file and TEAMS is compliant with these requirements as well.

  • With our automated updating of result outcomes against module/competencies you can reduce the amount of time your staff spend updating the correct outcome identifier for your AVETMISS exports.


  • Employers Resource Centre – employers can log into a secure site to review their employees’ progression in their courses.  They can see student financials, results for their competencies/modules, attendance records, as well as view any communication you have had with the student.  They can also add to the communication log themselves and update their address and contact details.

  • Reports – employer merge fields can be added to student invoices, statement of accounts, etc. There are also a number of reports where you can report on a specific employer for current students, etc.

Training Plans & Assessments

  • Training Plans– you can create individual student training plans or group training plans in TEAMS and track their start and end dates of each module/unit of competency.

  • Assessment Tasks – there are four different versions of assessment tasks which meet most colleges requirements.  You can setup assessment tasks for your modules/competencies and mark results at the assessment tasks level and TEAMS can then automatically calculate the outcome against the module/competency for you.

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