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RTO Software,AVETMISS, CRICOS, Compliance, Academics, Course, Qualification, Modules, Time Tables, Attendance Management, Monitor Student Academics Through TEAMS

We understand that you are unique and structure your Qualifications & Courses differently to other RTO’s and colleges.  You can deliver both National Training Package Qualifications & Competencies as well as state/non-award Courses & Modules.  TEAMS allows you to setup your academic structures to meet your business needs.

You can choose how in-depth you monitor a students academic results in TEAMS. Whether it be from simply entering their final result to tracking assessment task results and automating the final result for a competency, module or even a subject (you may call them clusters) its completely up to you. The features within the Academic area includes:

  • Courses & Modules (state/non-awards)
  • Qualifications & Competencies
  • Subjects/Clusters
  • Assessment Tasks
  • Timetables
  • Resource Management for timetables (class rooms, teachers, assets)
  • Bulk & individual timetable allocation
  • Producing Class Rolls
  • Attendance Management

Another important area is timetabling and resource management.  Create timetables and link teachers, classes & assets (projectors, laptops etc) to the classes and allocate students to the timetables individually or in bulk.