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Featurs and Benefits

TEAMS is an integrated management solution. To put it simply, its a one-stop shop for managing your business, simplifying adminstration, 0 manifold benefits to offer your college / organisation.

Depending on the level of usage of TEAMS, the following departments typically experience the following benefits:


  • Track all Enquiries – use our Web Enquiry pages to capture information directly in TEAMS.
  • Bulk Email, SMS and Letters – helps you run marketing campaigns and keep in touch with all your prospective students.
  • Manage Sales Team/s – access centralised information with all communication logged in one place for easy access. 
  • Statistical Performance Reports – track conversion rates, agents, employers and their performance.

Student Administration

  • Online Database – easily run multiple campuses / locations / streams of study in one database with ease. Enjoy data privacy as well as combined reporting for management.  Easy web based access to information 24/7.
  • Documents Management – Store student documents including academic, identification and other important documents within the TEAMS database. Centralise student record keeping and eliminate the need for managing student documents in-house.
  • Easy administration – Intuitive, easy to use web based interface. Complete student profile and history accessible through department specific menus and screens.

Student Relations

  • Student Logins – Portals available for students to login, view their details, update information, send in assignments and requests.
  • Track Communication – with Students, Agents and Employers. Keep detailed logs of phone and verbal communication. Any notes kept are easily available to relevant staff.


  • Timetable and Classes – automate your class roll/s and attendance monitoring. Print class roll/s in bulk and let TEAMS track attendance for you.
  • Results and Student Progress – easily monitor and cross-check student progress against forecasts. Historical records maintained for easy viewing. Maintain records of all qualifications issued. 
  • Online Portal/s – students can access and upload assessment tasks, send and receive course materials and files.


  • Student Accounts – track all student invoices, receipts and produce comprehensive reports including cash flow forecasts and overdue fees.
  • Outgoing Charges – health cover fees, agent commission, accommodation fees and airport pickup are all easily managed within TEAMS. 
  • MYOB Interface – Easily copy information across to MYOB without any double entry required. TEAMS can manage all student related financials and MYOB can manage everything else.


  • AVETMISS – TEAMS is nationally compliant for AVETMISS Reporting. State specific reporting no matter where you deliver training.
  • CRICOS – Includes CRICOS annual registration charge calculations report. Further CRICOS specific reports are available.
  • AQTF Standards – By implementing TEAMS you can comply with various AQTF Standards. We can help by comprehensively mapping your business processes to AQTF and to TEAMS.

TEAMS can help you manage your compliance with the AQTF 2007 Essential Standards for Registration. For more
information please download the PDF below.


  • Quality Indicators (NCVER) – Generate quality indicators count including separate results across multiple states.
  • FEE-HELP – Generate FEE-HELP submission data for submission.
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