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Grow Your RTO…

Growing your New or Existing RTO?

Are you a RTO that wants to fast track to success? We have helped and nurtured many RTOs from their early start-up phases all the way to becoming large organisations with thousands of students. We know what it takes to succeed in the increasingly competitive RTO Industry.

Unique Best of Breed Software and Processes – Get the Right Jump Start

Grow and Nurture Your RTO, RTO Software

One can never under estimate the power of first impressions. Student Management Software that helps you level the playing field and compete with top RTOs is a must. We are used by some of the biggest and most well established names in the RTO Industry. Using our unique work-flow and methods you can not only be super-efficient, your staff can get on with the administrative tasks quickly and efficiently. We also help ensure that you are taken seriously and seen as a high quality professional organisation by your Agents, Clients and Employers from day one.

Automated, Powerful Marketing is what makes all the difference

We have seen from experience the difference between the RTOs that are successful and the ones that struggle. One of the key differences is in Marketing and the level of automation and follow up ability that they have in this area. Using our Software you can communicate with ease and manage all your Agents, Employers, Potential Students all under the one umbrella. No more post-it notes, excel sheets or emails to track phone enquiries and complete automation that allows you to send bulk emails, SMS and letters from the one easy to use Software.

Effective Compliance to ensure you protect your hard earned Registration

We recognise that your RTO Registration is your most important asset. We go beyond just providing you with the tools, we actually know the industry and with 20+ years of experience of our staff, we can help you get setup with regards compliance the right way from the start. We can guide you step-by-step through creating Compliance Processes built around software which helps to ensure you comply with AQTF, National Code and CRICOS and do it effectively and easily for complete peace of mind.

Start-up your New RTO efficiently with Low Costs, Profit from our ExperienceMeasureable & Steady Growth

When you are starting off in a new industry, you need all the help you can get. Also, you want to keep costs to a minimum and to ensure steady growth without over-extending yourself. Having worked with many top providers, we know what it takes to succeed in this industry. We go far beyond just providing you a student database system. We are quite cost competitive when compared to other software and yet you don’t have scrimp on quality and we give you extra bonuses such as giving you personalised advice, training and guidance that goes way beyond software. You can get going straight away with efficient processes and with automated marketing, you can rest assured that we give you all the tools and backup you need to grow fast.

Interested? Book a Demo and see for yourself
We can book you for a no obligation face-to-face or online demonstration of our highly applauded TEAMS Software. All you have to do is fill out your details on the Book a Demo enquiry page to get started. You may also like to check out our Client Testimonials and Videos to see what others have to say. We look forward to helping you get going on the right footing.

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