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How easy is it for me to get my data? Can I get access to data backups?

Data Backups, RTO Software, database

Unlike some other providers, we go the extra mile to ensure that your data is easily available. We work under the premise that your data is a very valuable asset and it belongs to you entirely. We respect your rights to have access to that data. Be it for data mining, backup and archiving, we ensure that you get the full database, not fragmented Excel or text files.

All the links are kept intact, the entire Microsoft SQL Server format database is available for you to use in an offline environment. We even give you our intellectual property (under a strict no-copy, no on-sell clause of course) including stored procedures to ensure that you can use the data and make the most of it offline. You can download this data on a daily / weekly / monthly basis, as often as you wish.

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