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How to use “Live Chat”

TEAMS Support – Live Chat Feature

Do you want to request a new feature or change in TEAMS? Have you got a question or issue with TEAMS? Introducing Live Chat, an easy way to contact our TEAMS support staff. It is quick and simple to use.

For enabling Chat functionality, a user needs to open http://www.rtosoftware.com.au and the chat window will automatically load on the website home page on the right hand side as shown below:-

Once the chat window loads, you need to enter your name followed by your RTO code i.e. abbreviated form of your college name, email address and press the ‘Start Chat’ button to initiate the chat.

Once the chat is initiated, you will be connected to our TEAMS support person (Agent) and you can start typing your query or issue in the chat window.

While using the chat window, you can also send a screen shot of the error message if required by clicking on the UPLOAD icon as highlighted below:-

Please Note – This Chat Functionality will only work on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Chat Window will only be active from Monday to Friday09:00 am to 06:00 pm (QLD Time).

Also, If there any queries/issues regarding the chat functionality, please send us an email to support@rtosoftware.com.au or you can also call us at 1300 85 05 85.

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