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I am worried about my data. How do you keep it safe?

Data Safety, RTO Software, data backups

We take extensive steps to protect your data. This includes daily and weekly backups including offsite backups.

We also allow you to use the Document Management feature within TEAMS to upload Prospect / Student / Enrolment and Course Documents all collated together with TEAMS.

Your data is regularly backed up, many multiple copies kept, is easily available and our servers are up 24 X 7 to ensure easy access over the Internet wherever you are. For all the nitty gritty details, please read our backup policy document for greater detail on how we protect and backup your data. We also ensure that you get full access to all your data (read our FAQ “How easy is it for me to get my data”).

Your data is safe with us and we protect you with industry leading data security practises such as secure servers, firewalls and other practises to ensure that your data is kept safe and away from prying eyes. We also have a data security policy, which covers all these areas in detail.

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