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Offshore Support Concerns

I have heard that your support department is located offshore. Does that mean I will be dealing with someone who can’t speak English properly or be difficult to understand?

Our support department is located offshore that is correct. However, that is only half the story. Unlike some phone companies, all our offshore staff and personally hand-picked and trained by our Australian staff. Our key Support and Implementation staff spends extensive amounts of time overseas ensuring that they are involved all throughout the process. Right from recruitment interviews to initial training to continue monitoring, we like to keep our standards high.

All our clients certainly think so as we have done this successfully now since 2005 and our retention rate has stayed above 97%. How many of our competitors can claim this? With us, you can rest assured that our team members will help you to the best of their abilities, they are professional, highly trained and motivated staff. Not only that, we are here to hand-hold you all the way through any challenges and specific issues and needs that may arise.

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