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I have lots of data in the old system. How do I bring that across?

RTO Software, TEAMS, excel spreadsheet

Old data can be easily brought across into TEAMS. You can simply export your old data into an excel spreadsheet and we can import it for you. Importing data in TEAMS is easy and fast. We have worked with and migrated clients from a variety of systems in the past including Wise.NET, VetTrack, BECAS and many others so we can generally get you up and running fairly quickly and moving forward with TEAMS.

If your old data is less than 100 current students, we recommend that you re-enter the data as that helps you to get familiar with the system at a much more in-depth level through hands on data entry.

For clients that have a lot of data we also provide free data cleanup and re-sorting facility included with your professional and enterprise version of TEAMS.

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