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How we help grow and automate your college

Business Analysis and Strategy

GraphBefore evaluating or implementing any new software or virtual admin strategy, it’s best to know what you’re trying to accomplish, and have a crystal-clear plan for how you’re going to meet your objectives. Most engagements begin with a no-obligation, free of cost strategy discussion, in which we review your situation and devise a fully cohesive, functional plan designed to help meet your key goals of business growth, better integration, higher levels of compliance or any other significant goals that you are looking to accomplish.


Since commencing with RTO Software our clients have seen an average of 580% growth in their business. Some clients have seen stellar growth as high as 1740% since utilising our TEAMS software within their business.

Convert More Sales

Convert More Sales
Once you have a decent website, network of agents and other referral systems in place to ensure a steady flow of new leads and prospects, you can deploy the best-of-breed CRM and track all your prospects through to students in the one integrated system. This includes creating custom web forms for you that gel with your look and feel as well as motivate your visitors and agents to process their applications online. Your integrated system ensures that your new student funnel is continually topped up with fresh prospects.

up-arrow1.2+ Million Application

More than 1.2 Million Enrolments: over 647,000 potential clients and over 1.2 million Enrolment Applications/ Offer Letters have been processed in TEAMS.

Done for you Admin

Done for you Admin
Admin costs and retention of key quality staff should be in your top 10 business priorities. If you are not able to control costs while maintaining a very high level of compliance, you will lose your edge in the competitive marketplace. Being able to outsource your low level administration tasks and keeping your staff interested and growing rather than lumbering them with mind-numbing tasks a rare art that can help you boosting your compliance and admin while saving costs and having higher levels of staff retention. We use both consultative and proven industry methods to help you drive down your admin costs, while your staff can focus on high value tasks.


Reduced spend with the same or better results. On average our clients are saving $33,000+ per year on admin costs with our Virtual Administration staff.

Gain More Efficiency

Gain More EfficiencyEffective college management is the secret to keeping your costs low and generating greater profits and freeing your spare cash-flow to help you focus on better marketing, higher visibility on the web, ensuring a steady increase in going after students who are ready, willing and able to choose your college above your competition. Efficiency and Integration strategies start with an initial scoping meeting, followed by systematic overhauling and execution of your systems integration and administration and marketing.

up-arrow$4.65+ BillionStudent

$4.65 Billion in financial transactions managed: our clients have used TEAMS to manage over $4.65 Billion in financial transactions by integrating their student financial management in TEAMS.

Control your Document Mayhem

Control Document MayhemSpending too much time on wasteful low-level admin and document management is rated as the number one “weak link towards fast growth” by many of the world’s top business analysts. Yet this is one area that is not fully recognised or appreciated and one that most colleges leave to the last to address. We help you deploy advanced level Document Management to track all your student data in the one place and cut down on admin time and costs associated with multiple systems and inefficient admin. Without using an integrated system, you’re wasting time and risking growth and stability.

up-arrow3.5+ MillionStudent Documents

3.5 Million+ student documents are being managed by RTO Software daily.

Track & Tweak

 Integrate, Track and Tweak

Once we understand your objectives, your systems, and the admin strategy is in place, the next step is to make it all work as an integrated system. We provide a complete service right from the point of initial conversion of your existing data, through to optimising of your processes, refining and measuring time spent and saved on key tasks as well as returns achieved from them. By providing valuable tweaks and timely adjustments to your admin time and energy spent, you can raise your efficiency and be on track to meet your business goals.

Academia InternationalTony Kluytmas
Academia International

We have greatly reduced the administrative burden on our organisation by at least 75%.

Eliminate Compliance Headaches

Eliminate Compliance Headaches - sampleHaving a growing number of students is useless to you if you cannot manage, minimise and control your increased non-compliance risk that comes with a fast growing college. We have detailed Compliance reporting for AVETMISS, Quality Indicators, VET-FEE HELP, Attendance and Course Progress Monitoring to name a few. Having worked with very compliance savvy organisations and helped them through the intricacies of many audits, we know what is required to ensure that you minimise your risk from the start. We also know how to get you organised and structured so that you have a high level of Compliance and create day-to-day processes and procedures that help you stay that way no matter how fast you grow.

Full Privacy and User Security

Privacy and Audit TrailsWithout adequate privacy and security permissions, your college’s data and key items such as finance is at risk. With multiple staff handling your data, multiple campuses, locations and courses, you want to be sure that your data is kept private where it needs to be and also has complete transparency and accountability for management. We have helped numerous clients identify at risk issues, track any changes in their data and stay on top of the goings on within their college and keep vital control over data privacy from prying eyes.