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test Ul list

  • test case 1
  • test case 2
  • test case 3
  • test case 4
  • test case 5
  • test case 6
  • test case 7
  • UnderstandUnderstand you and your business administration requirements
  • analyseAnalyse your current work flows and processes
  • defineDefine a list of recommendations where work flows and processes can be improved
  • Re-engineerRe-engineer your work flows and processes to identify what data will be managed our VA’s
  • TestTest the new work flows and processes with your staff before the launch of your VA service
  • LaunchLaunch your Virtual Assistant service
  • review and monitorReview and monitor the new work flows, processes and data being managed by your VA
  • OptimiseOptimise , with your input, where tweaks and changes to the work flows and processes are required
  • TransparencyTransparency of time logs for you to see what your VA has done and how long it has taken