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Three masterkeys to creating a fast growing RTO

Master keys (that can unlock most doors) exist not only in real life but also exist in areas such as outpacing your competition and truly achieving spectacular growth. These keys at first glance may seem simple or easy enough. If they do, ask yourself… How many of these do I truly practise?

1. Focus on Sales and Marketing –

If all we did was focus on this we can really make a big difference. Most businesses do not focus even 6 hours a week on this! If you are in management and a small RTO, make it a focus to spend at least 50% of your time on bringing in new customers and building relationships. Have solid budgets for marketing. Every business needs excess Cash Flow. So that you as an owner can really grow and focus on growth. More cash in the business is only achieved by bringing those customers in. Set time aside for marketing. Have specific Marketing and Sales days where all you do is sales and marketing and nothing else. We need to put in the big rocks and marketing is the biggest rock in the business. A lot of businesses are subservient to their clients. Set aside time and priorities for yourself and for the growth of the business.

Some action points from above –
a Start your sales and marketing time from 9am.
b Block out time where you are building and growing the business.
c Monitor how much time you spend on sales and marketing each week.

2. Testing Orientation –

While this may sound quite ordinary and not at all like a master key…. make no mistake, this is one of the key factors that separates the great from the good. Test and measure everything that works for you. Find out what helps to bring the clients in. Ask all our recent clients how they came to us? When we start new things, measure how much they are working. The ones that are truly working make them your default and really grow it. Figure out which sort of message works best in your market.

Fill things on our website. Make it truly an authority site that people can get a lot of value and benefit from. Test what sort of headlines and offers work best. Test and change ads frequently so that you can know what works best. Create offers that can be made to the industry on a repeat basis. It may be annoying to start this but if you truly do this, you can really measure the performance. Ask clients. Get feedback.

3. Try Different Media –

Do something different than your competition. If everyone is using email marketing or agents, try sending postcards or advertising in print. Find out what works best for your business. Institute a formalised way of getting referrals. Build many different methods that can help you gain market share.

Think “I am building a Parthenon not a diving board.”

What are my various marketing methods to get new business that your opposition is not trying?
What other ways could you get your business out there?

Some ideas include –

  • Build your own Podcast or YouTube Video Channel
  •  Google Ads
  •  Mailbox Drops
  • Send Out Cards and Post Cards
  •  Run Ads in niche magazines and community newspapers
  •  Run Webinars for potential students
  • Direct Mail – Send letters out
  • Ads on online sites that your students may visit
  • Public Relations – Media Releases
  • Joint Venture Announcements
  • Write a career guide for various courses that you offer

Ask yourself – How many mediums and messages am I trying right now?

I hope the above gives you a lot of new ideas and action points to implement. Incremental growth is not something you should settle for. Focus on fast growth and the more you aim at a big growth number, the more your chances of beating and out performing your peers and the current market.

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