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Transnational education and the Australian schools sector

01 Aug 2016

Improved transparency and greater access to data are vital to strengthening transnational engagement in the schools sector, according to a new report from IEAA.

Commissioned for IEAA’s Transnational Education Forum 2016, the report examines the nature, levels and models of offshore engagement within the schools sector.

“Competing state interests may help explain the lack of transparency evident in the TNE schools sector, and with it, the dearth of data available in the public domain,” says report author, Peter Burgess (EdBiz).

Unlike other international education sectors that fall under the purview of independent national regulators, oversight of TNE engagement in the schools sector is a state/territory responsibility.

The variance between differing state/territory offerings and models of engagement raises concern over parity, equivalence and consistency.

Reference Link: https://www.ieaa.org.au/news/transnational-education-and-the-australian-schools-sector

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