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Want a RTO Management Software that ticks all the boxes

RTO Software That Ticks All The BoxesWant a Solution that Ticks All the Boxes?

Does this sound like you?

RTOs today have ever increasing demands being placed on them. Your Administration department demands a student management database, Your Marketing department wants a top quality CRM with automation, Your Compliance department is worried about the crackdown of auditors and as a Manager/ Owner you want to be able to have a finger on the pulse of your organisation and know that it is all working smoothly and efficiently with minimum costs.

Powerful Student Administration at your fingertips…

At RTO Control Systems, we understand what its like to be a busy RTO administrator with not enough hours in a day. We provide a top of the line, sophisticated student administration database that integrates your admin, finance and academic departments all in the one database. No more double handling or data entry. Timetables, Student Reporting, Current Student Lists, Course and Class Counts, all this and more are included in our software. 50 Students or 5,000+ our Student Admin module handles your Student Administration needs with ease.

Automate and Boost your Marketing…

We have your Marketing needs covered. Communicate with your Agents, Potential Students and send them emails, SMS or letter based Mail-outs all through the one easy to use Software. You can also track your Enquiries and Potential Students all the way from first contact through to Registration and Invoicing until they become a live Student. Nothing is lost in the process and all information from your Website, Agents, Marketing and Admin Staff flows easily and cohesively.

Professional, Best Practise Compliance for complete peace of mind… Compliance For Peace Of Mind

Effective Software combined with Best Practise recommendations helps you to stay on top of your compliance obligations. We provide a proactive list of recommendations that you can implement to ensure you comply with AQTF, National Code and CRICOS requirements all under the one Software. Reporting for AVETMISS, Quality Indicators and Surveys are all included and we hold your hand and guide you step-by-step through setup to ensure that you get to highest levels of Compliance as soon as you start with our Software.

Interested? Book a Demo and see for yourself…

We can book you for a no obligation face-to-face or online demonstration of our highly applauded TEAMS Software. All you have to do is fill out our Book a Demo enquiry page to get started. You may also like to check out our Client Testimonials and Videos to see what others have to say.

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