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Why Choose Us?

Quite simply because we protect your interests and offer the maximum advantage to your organisation.

Use TEAMS to gain a definite edge over your competition and the general marketplace.

Some of the key points that stand us out from the rest are –

Unlimited Logins, Have As Many Concurrent Users As You Like:

Purchase TEAMS and you never have to pay for additional user licences ever again. We offer unlimited user logins so you can let everyone in your organisation use it and benefit from it. Instead of making do with a minimum number of logins or having to use the same login for multiple staff, each user gets their own password protected login ensuring all work done by staff is accountable and tracked.

Unlimited Enrolments, No Charge Per Enrolment:

Unlike some of our competitors that charge on a per enrolment basis (we believe that it encourages bad practises such as maintaining two databases for smaller and larger courses). We charge a set fee per month (depending on the size of your institution). You have peace of mind knowing that your fees are not variable and you can store / enrol as many students as you like in TEAMS.

Unlimited Support Including Telephone Support

We never charge for telephone, web or email support. Ring us, ask a question, even if it is a simple training related issue, we will answer it. No bill will follow. There is no set number of maximum calls or issues you can raise. Ring us, email us, post us a question on our support site – we will help you and never charge you for it.

Training and Implementation Included (We Hate Hidden Charges Just As Much As You Do)

When you purchase TEAMS we include appropriate levels of training, implementation and data import assistance. As a result, you pay one fixed registration fee. We train you, coach you (to improve business processes as needed), help you import your data and get you up and running without the hassle of extra training charges, data import charges, business consultation, etc.

New Development At No Charge!!

We believe in serving the industry that we are in. This includes being at the fore-front of goverment regulations, making changes and improvements to the software as industry best practises evolve over time. It also includes making specific changes to the software at no extra charge (as long as they are not specific changes that only relate to your organisation). TEAMS is constantly evolving (we do an update at least once a month compared to once a quarter or longer for some of our competitors) and we are focussed on being driven by our market.
Your Database Is Regularly Backed Up And Easily Available

Since we protect and look after your data, the question of protection of data is paramount in our view. We backup your data regularly (at least twice a day) and also allow you access to the database file in its entierty. A lot of our competitors do not release you the database, instead giving you fragmented excel files or text files which we believe doesn’t serve your interests in the long run.

Application Source Code Is Escrowed And Protected For Complete Peace of Mind

Its not just a matter of getting a hold of your data, we are the ONLY SOFTWARE COMPANY in our industry that also has a Source Code Release Policy in place. If for any reason we no longer support the TEAMS Software (financial or otherwise), you will be release a complete working copy of the source code to continue using TEAMS . This is to ensure your peace of mind and complete security that you will continue to function no matter what.

Updates and Upgrades Included For Life

Ever purchased a version of a software product only to be told weeks or months later that a new version was out, and that your version was no longer supported and you have to pay an upgrade fee to get the new version? This will never happen with us. You are updated to the latest version at no charge for life! This feature alone saves you lots of $$$$ to your total cost over the life of the software.

Bug Fix Guarantee For Life

Any bug or issue you report about TEAMS funcionality is fixed at no cost to you. We have a lifetime bug fix guarantee on all our software.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!!! TEAMS Comes With A Written Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe a software purchase is a big decision. We also believe that having trust and a strong relationship with an important supplier is crucial for an education organisation. To ensure that, we do our part by offering you a satisfaction guarantee. This goes way beyond any money-back-gaurantee. We essentially give you a written guarantee that we will be there to support you and stand by you for the life of the software.

All of the above policies and guarantees are written and included within the software licence.

All of the above have to do with the software, but we go beyond just providing software.
Instead of just supplying and supporting the software, we also help you with –

  • Streamlining your workflows and Implementing best industry practise
  • Creating and utilising better business processes,
  • We also guide and help you navigate your way through the complex data submissions (such as AVETMISS and NCVER)
  • Assist you with your questions and concerns come audit time (audits such as AQTF and CRICOS).

We want to ensure that you have the best possible experience having chosen TEAMS over our competitors.
I know!!! It does sound amazing and almost too good to be true, please feel free to check out our Testimonials and contact any of our clients. You will notice with each testimonial we have include their full name, position, company and phone number.

We also have the highest retention rate of clients in the industry (>95%).
Our motive for our clients is quite simply, A Client Of TEAMS, A Client For Life.
We have numerous clients who have been with us for 5+ years and we know from experience with over 50 RTOs once you choose TEAMS you will never look back.

We offer an obligation-free, live interactive demonstration of the TEAMS Software.
Simply fill out your name and email on our demo request form and see for yourself!

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