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Our Difference

RTO Software, CRICOS Software, GTO Software, AVETMISS Compliant Software, AQTF Software, RTO Online, Student Management Software, Our DifferenceWe provide RTOs with special, industrial strength, powerful software

TEAMS is sophisticated, extremely powerful software that can easily manage the largest organisations in Australia, yet designed with a user-friendly, simple visual interface that is easy to use even for the start-up RTO. The integration of marketing tools, compliance processes, and administration functions creates the most versatile, powerful, and effective software solution environment for any RTO.

We are passionate about what we do

RTO Software is passionate about becoming the market leader in providing the best business management software solutions for the RTO industry. We strive to offer the best software products, the best customer service, and the best technical support to our clients. We look at our clients as partners in the industry working together to improve efficiency and productivity in RTOs across Australia.

We have extensive industry experience

We have the experience of working within the RTO industry, the expertise of designing innovative, cutting edge software solutions, and the understanding of how RTOs operate. Our TEAMS software has been designed by people who know where the RTO industry has been, where it is now, and have a good idea where it is going. Our top three members have over 30 years experience working in the RTO industry.

We have a genuine culture of innovation and TEAMS is extremely innovative

RTO Software was founded with a culture of innovation that produced TEAMS, the most innovative software used in Australia today. Our Innovation Policy is standard for all TEAMS licensees. It guarantees that future innovations and changes made to the product will be in step with the needs and requirements of our users who are at the forefront of the RTO industry. Any new innovations produced from client feedback are provided free of charge to all TEAMS licensees. We also are constantly innovating the TEAMS software to keep up to date with the latest regulations and compliance requirements.

We offer unique processes and methods that give you the edge

TEAMS offers you functionality and versatility in the managing of your RTO unlike no other software. The unique processes and methods we utilise to integrate the administration, marketing, and compliance functions of your organisation gives you the competitive edge. The gains in efficiency and savings in time and administrative costs are just a few of the benefits your organisation can reap by implementing TEAMS in your business.

We don’t lock you into contractsRTO Software, CRICOS Software, GTO Software, AVETMISS Compliant Software, AQTF Software, RTO Online, Student Management Software, Protecting Your Security

We believe our products and services should stand on their own merit. RTO Software does not believe in, nor feel any necessity, to lock you into a long-term contract. We believe our TEAMS software, customer service, and technical support is the best value for money in the marketplace today. We believe you will feel the same once you test drive our products and services.


We believe in giving our clients more than what they would expect from any software solutions provider. Our free, unlimited support is standard for all TEAMS users. This ensures that you will never be left unsupported and have to walk alone after purchasing a TEAMS license.

We release your data to you in its entirety as often as you like

We believe your most important asset is your student database. As your software service provider our role becomes one of custodian of your database upon finalising our Licensing Agreement. Any requests for release of your data in part or in its entirety are honoured promptly and as often as you like. Your data is yours and is never withheld from you.

We escrow our TEAMS source code to protect your investment in us

When you become a TEAMS licensee you are offered the ultimate protection to ensure you can continue to use and take advantage of all the special features of our software. RTO Software has a legally binding agreement with a law firm in place that protects you in the event that we become insolvent and unable to continue supporting you. Although this is highly unlikely, you are guaranteed a copy of the source code and continued use of TEAMS if such an event were to occur.