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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

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At RTO Software, we endeavor to design unrivaled software solutions and provide services and technical support unmatched by our competitors. We realise that choosing a software solution to manage your training organisation is a crucial investment decision that affects your operation for years to come. It is a long-term investment in your future that can determine levels of efficiency, staff productivity, marketing capabilities, compliance, and overall performance of your operation.

All products and services offered by RTO Software come with a Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. We appreciate the commitment our clients make in investing in TEAMS instead of other RTO management software. Our Guarantee Policy has been put into place to offer our prospective clients assurances that reduce their risk and provide peace of mind in making this investment decision. Our aim is to provide a framework of guarantees that will, to the greatest extent possible, ensure your success through the implementation of our software solutions and utilisation of our services and technical support.

RTO Software Guarantee Policy

We guarantee that our software solution will make a measurable difference to your organisation within 90 days of implementation.

We guarantee to guide, train and support you to a level of competency that allows you to utilize and benefit from the implementation of all our software solution products.

We guarantee your satisfaction of our products and services. If we cannot meet your expectations after presenting a workable solution, we will refund your investment.

User Satisfaction Guarantee

We will do everything reasonably possible to meet your business needs. TEAMS software is designed to provide a minimum of 200% return on investment (ROI) within the first 12 months of use. This ROI is measured by conducting a work-flow analysis within your organization that shows a savings to your bottom line.

Unlimited Bug Fix Guarantee

Our Bug Fix Guarantee is for the life of the software. Bugs are unfortunately a reality in the implementation of any software solution. Our goal is to ensure that you remain bug-free in the use of our software as much as possible. Bug fixes are updated regularly and any errors are given the highest priority to be fixed within the shortest possible time.

Guaranteed Daily Backups and Access to Your Data

Your data is stored on secure, protected servers and backed up on a daily and weekly basis. Your data is yours and is never withheld from you. You have access to your data 24/7 and any requests for release of your data in part or in its entirety are honoured promptly.

Guaranteed Future Innovations and Changes Free of Charge

RTO Software has an Innovation Policy in which all TEAMS licensees can participate. It guarantees that any future innovations or changes made to TEAMS as a result of licensee feedback or suggestions is shared free of charge to all licensees. This ensures that TEAMS continues to evolve as the market-driven software solution that meets the changing needs of the RTO industry and that the benefits of these innovations are passed on to all our licensees.

Guaranteed Support Levels

We guarantee the highest level of service and support at no charge. You will never have to pay for making an inquiry by phone, fax, email or through our websites as a TEAMS user. This service is free of charge for life.

When you become a TEAMS user, you receive our utmost commitment to product and service excellence as well as our low-risk Guarantee Policy. Our support team is always there to support and give you guidance whenever needed.