About RTO Software

About us

As one of Australia’s leading providers of student management systems and services, RTO Software uses a suite of sophisticated web based software. We enable our clients to precisely administer and manage how their college is run. We then leverage proven marketing, compliance and integration strategies to maximise their effectiveness in cutting admin costs, increasing efficiency and add to their profits, enabling fast scalable growth.

We work with growing training colleges to integrate their multiple departments, ensuring speedy and efficient admin. This includes, but is not limited to, finances, document management and compliance using a multi-faceted approach to optimise their whole college system and minimise double data entry and time spent on mundane repetitive admin tasks.

Our entire approach is specifically targeted to producing tangible management improvements for clients. Advanced enterprise level functionality, client and lead tracking and top grade reporting ensure you get a fully accountable, scalable and profitable system.

Our suite of software and services were first established in 2003, we are located in Queensland and we work with clients throughout Australia and overseas. We offer all our clients unlimited phone, email and online support and training, in addition to onsite consulting.

Sandeep Sethi

Sandeep Sethi – Managing Director

“Nearly Two Decades Of Experience Delivering Bottom-Line Results And Enterprise Level Solutions For Hundreds Of Clients From A Variety Of Industries”

Sandeep works with growth-oriented companies to maximise their marketing, compliance and integration using a combination of software, process & work-flow optimisation as well as proven management and cost saving services.

After working with hundreds of clients including big corporations and small start-ups alike, with projects across dozens of industries, Sandeep understands what actually works when it comes to building world-class management systems and making organisations more efficient. His academic qualifications include university majors in Accounting and Systems Design – an unusual combination that combines results focussed insight and advanced data analysis capabilities with the ability to demonstrate results that are tangible and make a real measurable difference.

Sandeep’s journey in helping the education industry began in 1996 with single-handedly building CMS (College Management System) which was then owned by Systems F1, as they went from 0 to 250+ Colleges within 3 short years.In addition to being a lifelong student of world-class application design, Sandeep has consulted with large corporations such as McDonalds Australia, Trendwest Resorts, ICEF GmbH and numerous others across Australia and Worldwide.

In his spare time, Sandeep enjoys travel, playing tennis, yoga, reading and movies. Sandeep is supported by his wife and children and lives in Gold Coast, Australia.


Melissa Hamilton-Matthews – Product Manager/Business Analyst

“Twenty eight years business administration experience working across industries such as Tourism & Hospitality, Queensland Public Hospitals, Child Care, IT Recruitment and the RTO Industry delivering solutions for inefficient work flows and business processes.”

Melissa works closely with RTOs to understand their inefficiencies and data duplication across their departments, what their objectives are and identifies what is the best integration of software and work-flow optimisation.

Working for small owner/operator businesses to national and international companies with 55,000 plus employees, Melissa understands work flows and what works.

Melissa’s leap into the RTO industry commenced in 2000 when the IT industry imploded and her job at an IT Recruitment company was not going to grow. One of her clients; Systems F1, a software development company specialising in a student management system for the RTO industry called CMS (College Management System); asked her to join them and build a help desk and manage the clients training, implementation and development requirements. With no knowledge of the RTO Industry and very little knowledge in how to build a help desk, Melissa took up the challenge and within six months had built a help desk team of five, implemented best practice processes and procedures to manage a client list of 250+ and streamlined the analysis of client development requests for the software.

Melissa was then asked to work on the redevelopment project of CMS for McDonald’s Australia working with their Operations Manager in analysing their business and solving data flows and translating them to the development team.

Melissa is the co-founder of RTO Software, with Sandeep, and has worked with clients such as GELI (Griffith English Language Institute), GCIT (Gold Coast Institute of TAFE) on projects to optimise their processes and procedures. Managing a specialised team of staff, a mix of client staff and RTO Software staff, to review and analyse existing workflows and processes, identify how they can be improved and rewriting the process documentation.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys reading, movies, cooking and catching up with friends and family.