What has changed? – AVETMISS 8.0 (2018) NAT00080

The Client (Student) (NAT00080) file contains a record for each client who has participated in VET activity during the collection period or whose completion of a program of study is reported during the collection period.

Fields Deleted from this NAT File

The following fields have been deleted:

  • Proficiency in Spoken English Identifier
  • Year Highest School Level Completed

Typically, RTOs collect this information in their application forms. It would be all to easy to think that it is ok now to remove them from your application form or other forms that you may send to your students to collect this information. Although these fields have been deleted from the NAT file, you should consider whether this information is still important to your business and should you continue to collect the information before you go randomly deleting in your forms etc.

Fields Added to this NAT File

The following fields have been added:

Survey Contact Status – you must have one if the bolded letters below against the student in the NAT00080. The options that you can chose from to meet the requirement for this field are:

A – Available for survey use
C – Correctional facility (address or enrolment)
D – Deceased student
E – Excluded
I – Invalid address/Itinerant student (very low likelihood of response)
M – Minor – under the age of 15 (not to be surveyed)
O – Overseas (address or enrolment)

Current NAT00080 File Format

New NAT00080 File Format