Case Study Acumen Education

case study acumen


Acumen Education, trading as Acumen Institute of Further Education, is a CRICOS registered RTO, established in 2009 and is located in Richmond, Victoria.

When they purchased TEAMS in 2009 they were a new start-up RTO that was determined to get it right from the beginning. They were focussed on implementing the right system and building strong processes and work flows that would allow them to successfully manage their compliance requirements but also allow them to easily grow the business. To this end as a start-up they made sure they had two campuses close together in the one area for their two academic streams of business and automotive. They were focussed on making sure there data, processes and procedures were transparent and always ready for any audit required of them.

Not only did they want to build their CRICOS business they wanted to move into the local student market and establish themselves as a best practice RTO that focussed on student satisfaction.


  1. To build efficient processes and procedures that managed their compliance requirements in one system.
  2. Understand and implement areas such as AVETMISS; even though it was not a compliance requirement for them at that point; in readiness for future growth into the local student market.
  3. To have transparency at audit time of all data for students, student financials, agent financials, attendance and course progress of students.

Processes used to achieve objectives

  1. Worked closely with the owners of Acumen to walk through all compliance requirements of an RTO and for CRICOS that could map into TEAMS.
  2. Worked with the owners to write process documents that were easy to read and showed the mapping to each compliance requirement.
  3. Assisted with the setup and training of the owners who then trained their staff


  • Efficient and focussed implementation that saw them up and running with TEAMS within one week.
  • Have grown into the local market and start managing AVETMISS data requirements for funded students with a few tweaks from the original setup.
  • They have increased their student numbers across both campuses 7X.