Case Study – Cambridge International College


Cambridge International College (CIC) has a history spanning more than sixteen years in the RTO industry.

When they purchased TEAMS they were looking to integrate student data from all of their systems into one system. They had an in-house system that was struggling to manage their student data that included both ELICOS and VET students, as well as multiple excel spreadsheets.


  1. To integrate their student data from all academic streams and locations into one system.
  2. To integrate many cumbersome manual processes such as timetables and class management, student and agent financials into TEAMS.
  3. To improve the turnaround times of Offer Letters being issued from their marketing department.
  4. To have restrictions on what data staff saw and what data they could edit or delete

Processes used to achieve objectives

  1. Integrating all of CIC’s student data from multiple databases and locations into one TEAMS database.
  2. Worked closely with their academic staff, marketing and finance department to identify and refine their critical processes and data flows.


  • Mission critical integration of processes and data flows across marketing, academics, student & agent financials.
  • CIC have seen growth of 1423%
  • They have increased the size of their Campuses in Melbourne, opened new campuses in Adelaide, Perth and Vancouver, Canada.
  • Improved Offer Letter processing by 3.5X