ASQA’s advice on how the quality of training and assessment can be maintained

Advice on maintaining quality of training and assessment In this period of unprecedented social and economic uncertainty, ASQA understands the challenges of providing quality VET outcomes. By expanding the available training products, many providers are trying to overcome this challenge. Many have chosen online platforms to support the learners. ASQA has developed advice and guidance on common … Read more

Implementation of new Skill set

A new Unit of Competency and skill sets were endorsed by Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) on 12 May 2020 for Infection Control. This has been done in order to address the short term requirement to train workers and also minimise the potential risk arising from COVID-19. Click here to go through the use … Read more

ASQA responds to Australian Government rapid review and outlines reforms

ASQA released an update for June 2020. In this update, ASQA outlines reforms to regulations proposed in response to Australian Government’s rapid review into their regulatory practises and processes.  The main areas of focus are strengthening of the education programs, training outcomes and risk-based monitoring. ASQA also talks about the changes related to how ASQA conducts … Read more

What has changed? – AVETMISS 8.0 (2018) NAT00130

The Program completed file (NAT00130), contain the records for which all the requirements for completion of the qualification, course or skill set and on-the-job requirements have been met. As of 01/01/2018, following changes will come into effect in NAT00130 file for training activity. Fields Added to this NAT File Parchment Issue Date- Parchment issue date contains … Read more

What has changed? – AVETMISS 8.0 (2018) NAT00120

The Training activity file (NAT00120), contains a record for each unit of competency or module undertaken by a student for their enrolment at your college during the calendar year or collection period. Whether they are commencing, finishing, continuing a competency or a module for that calendar year or collection period, they should be in this … Read more

What has changed? – AVETMISS 8.0 (2018) NAT00085

The Client (Student) postal details (NAT00085) file stores address details of clients (students) for mailing lists under the administration of states and territories. Fields Added to this NAT File The following field has been added: Email Address (alternative) – This is the secondary email address. You can enter the alternate email address  of the client … Read more