Is TEAMS Compliant with AVETMISS?

Is TEAMS Compliant with AVETMISS?

TEAMS is AVETMISS compliant nationally. We have been AVETMISS compliant since TEAMS launched in 2003. As AVETMISS continued to evolve and change, we have continued to keep up with the latest requirements.

It has the ability to manage multiple states AVETMISS settings as well as multiple contracts for one course/qualification within the one year.

We were also invited to and contributed to the discussion paper in June 2010 for the review of AVETMISS for VET Providers.

A document that provides a high level summary of the feedback received and also the advice that will be presented to the National Training Statistics Committee (NTSC) on 18th November, 2010 for their consideration can be accessed.

In the week starting 20th December 2010, NCVER will release a document that outlines the way forward following the meeting with the NTSC and will be available from the website.

We have also been working with the VSN Implementation team in Victoria on the new Victorian Student number register and this will be implemented as part of TEAMS. This will become a critical area to manage for all Victorian RTO’s as of 2011.

We also have key staff members who have built up an extensive list of common errors that happen when you do submissions and can guide you easily and quickly through the common errors that happen with a submission. Due to the long time that we have been doing this, we have built up relationships and contacts with within the various state government departments to further assist you with your submissions as required.

Quite simply, its one thing to be compliant with AVETMISS and quite another to have the depth of knowledge and capability. With TEAMS you get the compliance as well the professional assistance should you run into trouble.