Customised training videos to suit your processes

Customised training videos to suit your processes

  1. We take the time to understand your exact processes.
  2. You get software that is especially configured for your organisation.
  3. We record custom training videos with your data and processes, tailor made for you.

Once we know what you want (and in what order), we setup the software with all the right settings to have it configured so that it is ‘tailored to fit’. Our software is quite detailed, so we can turn things on or off and do all the behind the scenes setup for you before you start.

Once the configuration and setup data is loaded, we train you with your live data as examples so that your team know exactly what to do. We then record the training screens with full voice over and editing for your team to use whenever they wish!

Are you a new RTO?

Just starting out or a long established giant?We can handle your needs Many of our clients started small and have grown to become giants in their sector.We are scalable and have been tried and tested in the industry…

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