Enrolment Centre

  1. One location to view all the student’s information
  2. Easy navigation to perform common, frequently used tasks
  3. Compliance Alerts, Academic Progress, Financials, Documents and more…

Integrated dashboard packed with important information

Easy to find actionable buttons and menu items

All in the one central place for each enrolment that a student has.

Some of the common tasks you can do from the Enrolment and Student Centres are –

  • Managing student documentation
  • Viewing and editing academic and timetabling information
  • Communicating with students and recording diary logs
  • Student payments and chasing up overdue fees
  • Compliance requirements such as attendance, course progress
  • Collection of information for AVETMISS data
  • Student holidays and course extensions
  • Student progress and intervention warnings
  • Checking and confirming USI numbers
  • Viewing attendance percentages
  • Sending warning SMS messages and emails
  • Creating assessment logs and viewing documents and loads more easy to find functions just an easy click or two away…