Here are some of the questions that we’re often asked and their answers. If you can’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What does RTO Software do?

RTO Software helps growing colleges and institutions maximise revenue and profits by integrating your marketing, delivery, finance and compliance in one easy-to-use system.

Our approach is different because most software vendors focus on basic data entry, not complete integration. All we care about is how much revenue and profits we can drive to your college by optimising your entire business and its process. Here are a bunch of case studies that prove our approach works.

How can you help me?

We can help you by providing software that increases profits, streamlines the business, reduces compliance headaches and helps you capture more leads through an integrated approach.

How are you different?

There are many student management software companies and even more RTO consulting and outsourcing companies. Here’s a short analysis as to what makes our approach to managing a college unique:

  • Deep industry knowledge: We focus on helping you grow your profits and efficiency for your college. We do this by bringing in-depth, practical know-how of what is working in the industry not just simple student management system may or may not correlate with improved business results.
  • We help you simplify and integrate: Many software vendors just  “install and run”. We actually help you optimise. We help you build and own a set of new and improved processes to really get the maximium out of your new system and make sure they work for you.
  • Unique methodology: The Implementation Questionnaire is our proprietary methodology for ensuring that we uncover what is working and what is not, we stage your implementation and make sure that you get maximum measurable results in the form of simpler processes, faster enrolments, better tracking of marketing and finances as well as a higher level of compliance all in the one integrated suite of software and services.
  • We’re cost effective: Our services will make you many times what they cost. We guarantee a minimum of 200% ROI within the first six months of use. We have helped achieve clients results that are absolutely stellar, from 5 to 20 fold growth (sometimes in a few short years) and we are always there to hold their hand, support them and guide them along the way.
  • We have a record of proven results: We’re happy to share case studies and references that demonstrate a record of success in the training industry. Be it a CRICOS VET College, a domestic VET College or a language school, we have the runs on the board to ensure that you get best of breed results.

How do you help your clients boost growth and profits?

We know from experience that the growth of many colleges is constrained by their ability to manage effectively and have efficient processes that support them. If you are a typical training organisation using a run-of-the-mill student management software, you are probably using between 2 to 5 (or more) different pieces of software and still using Excel spread sheets which only creates chaos within your organisation. As you grow, management generally has very poor visibility and admin staff is overloaded and your compliance is at risk! Our expertise is in delivering a bespoke set of processes and a system that integrates all your college’s departments under the one easy-to-use system. This approach helps you handle get more students through your door, cost effectively, so you can scale your business and truly achieve the growth that you deserve.

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with both small to medium colleges and larger brands – in fact, anyone interested in driving strong results from your management systems.

We may be a good match if your marketing and student growth is being constrained by your capacity to keep a lid on spiralling admin complexity and you need to streamline and optimise your college across the board. Another reliable indicator of a “good fit” is if you’re already investing in multiple systems and doing double data entry and have very little online integration with your website and student management systems. Or if you are spending way too much on administration and really want to save costs and be able to measure it. We can help make your existing spend much more productive.

Where are your clients based?

Our clients come from all around Australia. We have on board and worked with colleges of all persuasions and sizes, as well as clients overseas clients from Germany, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand and more. Although our head office is in Gold Coast, Australia most of our clients are located elsewhere. We deal with clients via phone, GoToMeeting, Skype, email as well as face-to-face meetings.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to student management?

Student management is much more than just running a simple database and keeping records. It is about building efficient business processes, generating strong growth and high level of compliance via integrated management while building your brand and offering more satisfying student experiences.

We won’t waste your budget on pretty (or useless) systems that get no tangible results. Everything we do is designed to integrate your college and your business processes to generate the maximum return in the minimum possible time.

How much does your system and services cost?

We have three main client streams – CRICOS, Local and Start-Up Colleges.

CRICOS Colleges are typically organisations that serve overseas students and for whom integration and marketing is a critical value driver, who are generating a minimum of $1,000,000 in revenue from their college annually. We work with CRICOS Colleges to establish optimised processes to ensure that they can grow to capacity rapidly with a fully integrated system including CRM, Financials and other back-end systems. Fee ranges for this service start at $4,500+ GST for registration plus usage of $395 per month upwards depending on student numbers and system options.

Local Colleges are mostly funded and fee for service organisations with an established presence who are aiming to ensure they can drive efficiency and get maximum return on their training claims that are due to them. We work with Local Colleges to bring their admin, document management and business processes under the one optimised umbrella. Fee ranges for this service start at $2,500+ GST for registration plus usage of $295 per month upwards depending on student numbers and system options chosen.

Start-up Colleges are clients that are typically getting started and are either in the process or have just gotten their registration. We work with them to ensure they get off on the right foot and have an effective and accountable admin and management system from the start. Prices start from $1,500+ GST for registration and $195 per month for usage.

We also provide specialise Virtual Administration services, helping you hire trained and cost effective College data entry and admin specialists starting at just $600+ GST per month.

Your solution costs $X. I know someone who can do it for half $X.

Student Management and Administration services are a highly diverse industry with varying levels of service and price.

The solutions we provide are highly sophisticated and highly customised. Most colleges are using services that are severely sub-optimal. We work hard to ensure that yours isn’t one of them. We offer an extremely cost-effective solution to clients and we have the results to prove it.

If you can find a more effective solution at a better price, we encourage you to try it.

Will your system interfere with what I’m currently doing?

Our system and processes will only complement or improve on what you’re already doing. If something is working well for you, we’ll look to optimise it even further, not interfere.

If your current systems are not working or your administration costs are spiralling out of control and costing you money we can help turn the situation around.

Do you tend to work with existing colleges or start-ups?

We tend to work with existing businesses more than we work with start-ups. Occasionally we do work with well-funded start-ups to help them grow and scale rapidly due to our unique expertise in helping them do so.

Do you have admin people who can do my admin work for me?

Yes, we can provide you a full service option of having all your data entry done-for-you. We do provide that service and it is a great savings of cost as well as helping your key admin staff do higher value tasks and delegate the routine daily tasks to our full service virtual admin.

What is your support like?

We offer industry-leading support. Our support staff offers unlimited free email, web and phone support. We don’t just help you with the basics, but more often than not, we provide advice on optimising processes, maximising compliance and help you get prepared for important AVETMISS, Quality Indicators and upcoming audit submissions. We are proud of offer staff that are knowledgeable of the industry and not just trained in software but know how the industry works as well. We go far beyond the basics and not only work with you in terms of how to use the software but we help you to formulate refined processes that aligned with your strategic goals.

Do you design new websites?

No. We specialise in building effective student management processes and offering virtual administration services that get profitable results for our clients. We can refer you to high quality web designers that we work with to achieve your results.

How are you different from other student management software vendors?

Most student management software providers are very narrow in their approach. They quite simply provide you with a database that does a few specific things and not much else. This may not produce the growth and optimisation results you’re looking for. We are business process experts who use software and services to produce exceptional ROI. Each client typically benefits from the following key elements of making your college excel:

  • Effective integration of systems across the organisation
  • Marketing and finance oriented focus
  • Simplification of business processes
  • Increased compliance and management

The combination of the above elements is the reason why you will be able to simplify, gain extended control and be extremely profitable.

How are you different from other outsourcing firms?

Most outsourcing firms have zero specialised skills or industry knowledge. They are simply looking to you to train them and employ them as you wish. There is very little ability on their part to guide you, to optimise your processes or to help you gain from best-of-breed industry practises that you may or may not be aware of.  Those outsourcing firms will certainly happily take your money – the question is whether or not you’ll ever see a maximised return on your investment or any kind of value-add above and beyond what you bring to the table. More often than not, the answer is, “no”.

If you want to see traceable, accountable Return On Investment on every admin dollar spent. Our focus is getting measurable and optimised results.

Who’s behind RTO Software?

The key founders of RTO Software are Sandeep Sethi and Melissa Hamilton-Matthews. Sandeep started his training industry career working for an Australian Software company in 1996 that went from 0 to 250+ Colleges in 3 years. After serving a variety of industries and clients, in 2003 he returned to the education industry to establish RTO Software.

We also have a team of 14 (and growing) full-time staff who specialise in different areas such as Business Process Optimisation, Software Integration and Implementation, Customer Support and Software Development.

How long have you been around?

We have been serving clients in the education space with the TEAMS suite of software and services since November 2003.

Can I Manage Student Attendance In TEAMS?

In TEAMS you can accurately calculate & manage attendance as required by Standard 11 Monitoring Attendance for the National Code 2007.

The requirement is that you manage individual student’s attendance and not based on your term/semester study periods. This is critical and TEAMS can provide at a glance displays in the student’s enrolment centre, within attendance reports and within warning emails, SMS and traditional letters that you can also create from TEAMS.

Does TEAMS have Quality Indicators?

TEAMS has been doing the Quality Indicator competency completion counts since its inception in 2009.

In fact we were first approached by NCVER to include this in TEAMS back in 2007 and the development was completed in the same year. It was then put on hold and when it was announced of its implementation in 2009 only minor changes were required within the system.

We are currently in the process of developing a survey system that will have a master template for Learner Engagement and also Employer Satisfaction and you will be able to issue this to students and where applicable employers and TEAMS will collect the results in the correct format for you to then submit the data online.