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The typical Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is suffering the burden of increasing costs of Compliance, too many admin overheads and difficulties around procuring reliable and sustainable growth in an uncertain market conditions and government policies.

There is simply too much information to manage, too many checks and balances to worry about and increasing competition than ever before. For some RTOs this means that their growth is flat lining and they are living under the constant threat of an audit and an uncertain future.

Any steps towards achieving sustainable growth, reducing admin costs and removing compliance headaches seems like something for the too hard basket, until now….

“RTO Success Blueprint” – How some Australian RTOs grew on an average of 540% by optimising marketing, sales, delivery and compliance

  • Why you must “How to get your marketing house in order” to avoid becoming another me too kind of college and find yourself lost in the sea of hopefuls looking for and accepting any student that comes your way
  • “Go beyond the basics when it comes to the key areas of Marketing, Finances and Compliance. Areas that are critical to your growth and survival and how to ensure that you are measuring and keeping your eyes on the “Right things at the right time”
  • What are the “7 fatal flaws that can quickly kill your growing college” and how to avoid them like the plague and steps to overcome them if you find yourself stuck with any
  • How Compliance Policies and Procedures that you set within your college can have a massive impact on your risk rating and why a standard run of the mill RTO consultant approach may leave you quite vulnerable when it comes to audit time
  • How double data entry and admin and delivery overheads can derail your growth aspirations and what to do about optimising your college before it gets out of control
  • How to Quality check your students during the initial admissions phase and ensure you set the right tone even before they start
  • Checklists to ensure your record keeping is meticulous and efficient and what processes and checks and balances you can put in place to make your life easy
  • What ASQA is looking for in terms of quality from you and how to prepare for an upcoming audit and be able to sleep at night!
  • And lots more to ensure that you stay abreast with the latest trends and one step above your competition within the VET Sector…

The Australian vocational education sector has proven itself to be one of the few industry sectors that have put up with so much in the past few years. We have had numerous changes in regulations, our CRICOS sector has been decimated due to change in immigration laws, we have had increasing competition from within and from overseas and yet we have persisted AND continued to be a shining light for the Australian economy. Now more than ever is your chance to capitalise and ensure your continued growth and make the most of opportunities that are arising everywhere within this sector.

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