How to get most out of TEAMS demo

We do not believe in ‘canned’ presentations as there are generally lots of questions that a college has and nothing beats watching a program live in action so you can see for yourself and ask all the questions that you like.

For the demo to be productive and for us to make the most of our time together, we would request that you consider the following –

  • Please make a list of any issues that you are currently facing. These can be things such as:

    a) Administration challenges and / or issues,
    b) Any missing reports or information you would like to have better access to
    c) Any specific issues with current software or business processes that you would like to improve on
  • Please inform your key staff members and have them also submit a list of issues and ask if they can be present at the demo.

The more departments and staff members that you can involve, the better as that way they can all see for themselves and also ask relevant questions.

We look forward to presenting TEAMS to you via a live, interactive, un-edited demo soon.