Monitoring your Training & Assessment quality

The ASQA Update, Issue 47 for August 2017 has been released. In the update they have identified that in its Regulatory Strategy 2017-18 they announced that it would continue to focus on the capability of trainers and assessors.

Despite ASQA’s increased scrutiny of providers offering qualifications from the Training and Education (TAE) training package during the past 12 months and a range of work undertaken by those organisations with shared responsibility for ensuring quality VET outcomes, ASQA’s latest environmental scan identified that stakeholders still hold significant concerns about the capability of trainers and assessors. During the next 12 months ASQA will maintain the increased scrutiny on TAE training products and provide further education for providers to promote quality assessment practice.

Your Student Management System (SMS) should be able to help you monitor and identify where trainers are not delivering on time, what results they have issued for you to review and what is due to be delivered in the coming weeks or month and be able to keep simple logs of all this to report on in the future and for audits. An SMS should be able to provide you with information such as:

What results have been issued in the last month or even last week?

You should be able to view this and confirm either by randomly selecting a result issued and confirm that the result a trainer has issued is a valid result OR based on the size of your RTO, you could chose to put a process in place where each result is reviewed and confirmed.

We recommend reviewing each result that has been issued. You would have some idea of how often results are issued or due to be issued, this might be weekly or every x number of weeks etc. Put a process in place, that after the issue of results period is completed, let’s say they are done weekly, then in the following week it becomes one or two staff members task to review each result from the week before and confirm they are correct. Have them identify ones that are questionable and need further review and then have a process for those questionable results to be reviewed by someone else, where needed.

No matter which of the above options you chose to do, it is best to keep a log of each record reviewed, date and whom reviewed and confirmed the result that this has been issued is correct. You should include information such as:

  • Student number/identifier
  • Course code/name or identifying number for their course of study
  • UoC or Module code
  • Result issued
  • Result Date
  • Review date
  • Staff name who reviewed the result and relating documents to confirm the result
  • Outcome of the review, such as approved, not approved, further review required etc.

Note: the review shouldn’t be just checking what results the trainer issued, your review needs to include reviewing each assessment item, any tests or other methods used to assess and issue the result. Make sure in your process that you introduce, you identify how your staffs review the result and confirm it is correct.
This will provide a valuable tool for:

  • Audit time, you can show your process and log for monitoring trainers and assessors and how and what has been reviewed and confirmed as correct.
  • For continuous improvement within your business on delivering quality training and assessments to your students.

What Unit of Competencies (UoCs) or Modules for students course of study are overdue and have not received a final outcome?

In a similar fashion to reviewing results that have been issued, look at what Modules and/or UoCs for students that were due to be completed last week, month etc. but do not have a final outcome.This would allow you to follow up with each trainer to identify why they have not finalised an outcome for each student and identify where there are ‘blockages’ in your training and assessment processes.

We recommend keeping a log for this, so you know what trainers have been contacted for which students and Modules and/or UoCs and what the outcome was. Overtime it will allow you to identify patterns for:

  • Trainer and student performance
  • Performance of a Modules and/or UoC – are the training delivery, learning guides, documents etc. for a specific Module or UoC performing? Is there a larger majority of students struggling with a specific Module or UoC?
  • Admin staff performance – many RTOs have a process that their admin staff enter results into their SMS. Is your admin staff overloaded and results are just pushed to the side? What other “blockages” are stopping your student results from being updated in your SMS when they are issued

What Unit of Competencies and/or Modules for students are due in the near future?

Do you know what students are meant to deliver and have results finalised in the next week or month?

Do you remind them and their trainers of the list? Just because they are not overdue doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know about them and that you can show due diligence of how you manage and avoid overdue results.

Consider putting a process in place to identify this information in your SMS and then send reminder emails, SMS or notices in your student portal reminding students of what’s due to be delivered etc. in the near future. Also look at how you remind trainers of this information. And as we keep saying, keep a log of all this as well.

Can your Student Management System help you with your trainer and assessor performance? If it can’t, we are here to help.

TEAMS, our student management system, can manage all of the above. To find out more, you can speak to one of our staff, email or call us on 1300 850 585.