Stay on top of your RTO obligations using our checklist

ASQA have released a 2021 RTO obligations checklist to make it easier for the RTOs to stay on top of their main reporting obligations as a condition of their registration.

Make sure that you are approachable

  • Has your CEO’s email address or your registration email address changed in the last year?
  • It is a good idea to provide a mobile number so you can receive text message reminders for important RTO matters.

Know your registration expiry date so you can submit your renewal on time

Meet your data provision requirements

There are three key data collections each year:

  1. Total VET Activity AVETMISS data
    • Every RTO has to report Total VET Activity (TVA) AVETMISS data for 2020 to NCVER by Friday 26 February 2021 even if no training was provided. Please note that this date has changed from Sunday 28 February, to enable NCVER to assist RTOs with any technical issues during the working week.
    • TVA data provides reliable insights about delivery, student participation and sector performance, so is of a critical nature to their sector.
    • Your RTO is required to meet these data provision requirements as a condition of registration. If you require assistance submitting your TVA data, please contact NCVER at
  2. Annual Declaration on Compliance
    • In February 2021, ASQA will invite the Chief Executive Officers of RTOs, by email, to complete the Annual Declaration on Compliance. This must be completed by 31 March 2021.
    • ASQA use the information received through annual declarations to help identify systemic risks to the quality of VET delivery and to ensure that the ASQA hold correct information about each RTO’s operations.
    • Please ensure that the contact person listed such as your CEO on is accurate. To update your contact person, please complete a ‘minor change’ request.
  3. Quality indicator data
    • To support the sector dealing with and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, RTOs who are unable to submit their quality indicator data will not face regulatory action for the current reporting period.
    • While some providers may not be able to report their data on this occasion, ASQA still expects all providers to maintain feedback systems that enable them to understand and continuously improve their performance and monitor outcomes for students and employers.
    • If you can, please submit your quality indicator data in accordance with the guidance on the ASQA website by 30 June 2021 to out more

Pay your annual registration charge

  • providers are invoiced for their annual registration charge in July each year. Once you receive your invoice, you have 30 days to make payment.
  • More about the annual registration charge.