Survey Capability

Survey Capability

  1. Send your students and employers questionnaires to be completed online. 
  2. Capture all data and export Quality Indicator annual summary report for ASQA.
  3. Run end of term and end of course private surveys for your internal Quality monitoring and more…

Unique survey capability built in to the software. No need for third party survey forms or apps. 

Send your students and employers end of course and feedback questionnaires. Unique link privacy and easy form and questions design. Standard survey template already available and pre-configured for easy sending of bulk survey emails. 

All data captured with the student file and easy reporting and Quality Indicator annual summary report for easy download to send to ASQA.

Enrolment Centre

One location to view all the student’s informationEasy navigation to perform common, frequently used tasksCompliance Alerts, Academic Progress, Financials, Documents and more… Integrated dashboard packed with important information Easy to find actionable buttons and menu items All in…

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