Genuine Service not just Software

We dig deep to solve problems
Optimise your college processes
We go beyond simply delivering software

Starter Edition

Everything you need to manage, enrol and comply with regulations for leads and students. Licence starting at $1,495 for domestic and $2,495 for overseas focussed colleges


✓ Student Lifecycle Tracking – capture everything from start to finish
✓ Integrated Documents and Communications – track and manage all emails, sms & letters sent
✓ Agent and Financials Management – track all your commissions payable and student invoicing​

Marketing Centre

  • No need for a separate CRM when you use our software
  • Capture enquiries from your website
  • Track Agent applications and manage prospects, emails & SMS in one integrated software

Enrolment Centre

  • One location to view all the student’s information
  • Easy navigation to perform common, frequently used tasks
  • Compliance Alerts, Academic Progress, Financials, Documents and more…

Student Financials

  • One system to manage all the student’s financial information
  • Enterprise level capability for accounts receivable and payable
  • Manage agent financials, commissions, payables and more….

Integrated suite of features that you will love

Robust capabilities that grow and evolve with you. By using TEAMS you can integrate marketing, student admin and finances all in the one system. Save money, simplify your life and your team no longer
has to do double (or triple) data entry

Right from prospect through to alumni,
manage the full lifecycle with results
and full compliance reporting

Full Accounts Receivable capability
including Invoicing, Receipting, Instalment Plans,
Transfers, Credit Notes and more...

Manage Agent Commissions, track payments and maintain a full Agent account ledger within TEAMS with no need for manual spreadsheets

Track leads, website enquiries, prospects,
receive and process applications with seamless flow to enrolments and student records

Handle and manage all student documents,
automatically linked to student and enrolments
for easy access and sharing

Create classes and allocate to your students to mark and track their attendance. Manage what teachers and trainers are available as well as class room allocations.

Custom designed forms to suit your website,
accept enrolments and applications, publish agent lists and more. All from within our integrated software

send your students and employers questionnaires
to be completed online. Capture all data
and export Quality Indicator annual
summary report for ASQA

Link assessment tasks to competencies/modules. Students can download resources and documentation for their assessment tasks, watch videos, take online quizzes and submit documents for their assessment.

iPad friendly TEAMS lite edition. Perform common admin tasks on the go. Fast, clean dashboards available for key admin, academic and finance staff.

Word templates for student invoices, letter of offers and all external reports. Excel and CSV templates for fast and flexible internal reporting. Build filters, graphs and presentations easily. Easy customisation, run reports now or use a scheduler, automation of certain reports also possible.

iPad friendly TEAMS lite edition. Perform common admin tasks on the go. Fast, clean dashboards available for key admin, academic and finance staff.

Report AVETMISS data nationally, handle funded and overseas students all in the one system


VSL compliant reporting. Capture all VSL data and report nationally.


Full USI student number generation and verification. Using TEAMS you can capture all the necessary information and have the number be managed automatically. USI management made simple.

Proven Track Record

We've been serving the industry since 2003. Our key employees and founders have been involved with the industry for 20+ years. We have helped our clients manage invoices worth billions (and counting)!



TEAMS Launched in Australia



Applications Processed



Enrolments Processed


$2.7+ Billion

Student Invoices Raised


2.6+ Million

Results Processed



Education Agents Managed



Agent Commissions processed



Student emails sent


5.3+ Million

Classes Managed



Agent Email Sent


3.8+ Million

Student Documents stored


2.7 TB

Data Stored

Why choose us?

Simple! We give you the best service and value in the industry

We are approachable, we go beyond software

We want our clients to feel free to call us and approach us

You can contact our top management and key staff directly

We analyse your business processes and provide a tailor made solution

Unlimited (and fast) free support

You can call us, email us, chat with us live or log a ticket with us (free unlimited support)

We respond quickly, our first response time is amongst the lowest in the industry

Our clients enjoy a quick ‘one touch resolution’ 7.3 out of 10 times

‘True data’ student records cleanup and ongoing data assistance

As part of you going live, we deep clean your database (every current student if needed)

Mop up any messy or incomplete data and duplicates from your past systems

Enjoy high quality data and peace of mind come audit time

Genuine support when you
need it the most

We provide the highest levels of enterprise support as standard to all clients

Data submission or audits, we're always here for you, for your small or big needs

Out of hours emergency support and fast resolution of critical items

Customised training videos to suit your processes

We take the time to understand your exact processes

You get software that is especially configured for your organisation

We record custom training videos with your data and processes, tailor made for you

Unlimited ‘user’ accounts

No need to fudge or double login users
create as many users as you like

Add trainers and teachers to allow them to record results and attendance

Even create sales staff logins to record leads and applications on the go

Just starting out or a long established giant? we can handle your needs

Many of our clients started small and have grown to become giants in their sector

We are scalable and have been tried and tested in the industry since 2003

Our clients have processed over $2.7 billion in student invoices in the system

Reliable industrial strength databases

We use Microsoft SQL Server with some clients databases 75 GB+ in size

We use proven industry leading (enterprise level) tools that you can trust and depend on

High capacity back end servers deployed for fast, reliable 24/7 access

World class hardware, hosted with the best in Australia

We use our own custom configured servers hosted at world class facilities

Multiple deployments in Docklands, Melbourne and the Gold Coast

Fast gigabit networked report servers with terabytes of NAS storage readily available

Some of our clients...

Join our family of clients and enjoy the highest levels of integration, support and take your college's operations to the next level!