Timetabling and Classes

Timetabling and Classes

  1. Create classes and allocate your students to mark and track their attendance.
  2. Manage which teachers and trainers are available as well as class room allocations.
  3. True timetabling and classing built in.

TEAMS has detailed enterprise level resource capabilities built in. You can create rooms, store details about teachers and trainers, configure your semesters and holidays. 

Once all the setup is done, you can create timetables and classes. Allocate your students to the classes and you can produce class rolls, as well as mark and track their attendance. 

Resource reporting and intelligent class creation and allocation warns you against class rooms or teachers that are not available or if you are over allocating to a certain class. 

Visual class allocations, resource viewers and reports makes TEAMS one of the very rare systems that offer true timetabling, resource management and class building. Simplify and systemise your academics department. Free your academics staff from the tyranny of spreadsheets ?

Enrolment Centre

One location to view all the student’s informationEasy navigation to perform common, frequently used tasksCompliance Alerts, Academic Progress, Financials, Documents and more… Integrated dashboard packed with important information Easy to find actionable buttons and menu items All in…

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