Unlimited ‘user’ accounts

  1. No need to fudge or double login users. Create as many users as you like.

  2. Add trainers and teachers to allow them to record results and attendance.

  3. Even create sales staff logins to record leads and applications on the go.

We do not charge you on a per-user-model. So you do not have any restrictions about how many user accounts you can create or how many users can be logged in at any one time.  

iPad and Android tablet friendly Trainer Portal allows your trainers and teachers to see their students and easily record results and attendance in the classroom. 

When you run student fairs or open days or participate in events, our Sales and Marketing Centres are great for sales staff to capture and record leads and applications on the go.

No more restrictions on how many users can access or have accounts. No more fudging logins or sharing logins and having to call each other to log out!! 

Complete login freedom. 

Genuine support when you need it the most

Genuine support when you need it the most We provide the highest levels of enterprise support as standard to all clients. Data  submission or audits, we’re always here for you, for your small or big needs. Out of hours emergency support and fast resolution of critical items. We offer 4

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Book a Demo

Book a TEAMS Demo Software such as ours is best seen in an interactive online screen share style presentation. If you are in Melbourne we generally prefer doing a face to face demos but unfortunately that option is out at the moment due to COVID-19.  We want you to be

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Enquire Now

Enquiries Please enter your details below and we will get back to you.  If you have a support enquiry, please contact us using the support email address.  Alternatively, you can also call us on 1300 850 585. 

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Customised training videos to suit your processes

Customised training videos to suit your processes We take the time to understand your exact processes. You get software that is especially configured for your organisation. We record custom training videos with your data and processes, tailor made for you. Once we know what you want (and in what order),

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Unlimited (and fast) free support

Unlimited (and fast) free support? You can call us, email us, chat with us live or log a ticket with us (free unlimited support). We respond quickly, our first response time is amongst the lowest in the industry. Our clients enjoy a quick ‘one touch resolution’ 7.3 out of 10

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World class hardware, hosted with best in Australia

World class hardware, hosted with the best in Australia We use our own custom configured servers hosted at world class facilities Multiple deployments in Docklands, Melbourne and the Gold Coast Fast gigabit networked report servers with terabytes of NAS storage readily available We use our own custom configured servers which

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Are you a new RTO?

Just starting out or a long established giant? we can handle your needs Many of our clients started small and have grown to become giants in their sector. We are scalable and have been tried and tested in the industry since 2003. Our clients have processed over $2.7 billion in

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