What type of LMS functionality does TEAMS provide?

The TEAMS student area has been redeveloped in 2010 making way for future LMS integration throughout 2011. Some of the current features of the new student login/portal are:

a) A Learning Resource Centre where a student can download all the relevant documents, templates, helpful resources for them to complete their studies.

b) Ability for a student to do online submission of their assessment tasks documents/electronic files.

c) A Media Centre where you can upload videos relating to specific courses or students.

d) Forums that can be created by your staff and be monitored for student posts for the Moderator Control Panel within TEAMS.

e) Useful links allows you to create 3rd party hyperlinks to specific courses or tags (groupings for specific students) so they can access them directly from the student login/portal.

f) Students can view their progress of their results for competencies/modules or subjects and even test results that can be used by ELICOS colleges.

g) Other features include the ability for student to update their contact/address details, view their financial information and see their overdue invoices. They can also print of invoices and receipts in pdf format.

We have a commitment to continue the growth of the student area area to include LMS further features over 2011.