ELICOS College

ELICOS College

Is running your college a bit chaotic at times? With TEAMS you can bring some control to the chaos!

Bring all your departments and their numerous spreadsheets under a neat, easy to manage, online system.

TEAMS and the Virtual Administration services from RTO Software provides you with out of the box solutions for integrating your departments into one system – enhancing user experiences and focussing your efforts on the most productive activities.

  • In our experience, ELICOS colleges generally have independent, disparate departments. Marketing, admin, academics and agent finances are all generally using manual systems and copying data multiple times using excel sheets. Information is hard to share with duplicate and double data handling becoming common. 
  • If this sounds like you, wouldn’t you like to optimise all this chaotic information neatly into a single integrated system? With our system all your departments can talk to each other and share information easily. All data flows from the point of enquiry / application all the way through to enrolment and graduation. 

Stuck with a system you don’t like? Get genuine support and quality software

If you are an ELICOS college that has signed up for a competitor’s system and you are not happy with the customer service or the quality of the software, using our software and support will be a refreshing change! We take the time to listen to your staff and we provide unlimited support (including phone support) to ensure that you never feel like you are left stranded once the initial sale is made. We believe in building a strong and long lasting relationship with our clients rather than constantly chasing the next sale at the cost of existing clients.

Experts with ELICOS Management

We have worked extensively with our ELICOS clients to fully understand their workflows, business and academic requirements. We identify how you can improve your workflows and processes in both our software and the use of our Virtual Administration service. Where appropriate we improve the software’s functionality to update and extend its management features.

With a combined 60+ years experience in maximising businesses process & workflow optimisation, we can help you:

  • Create and track Offer Letters and sales staff performance to quantify and manage your progress.
  • Direct online applications and enrolments from your website or from agents into one system for quick turnarounds.
  • Centralise your communication logs for all departments.
  • Track and measure prospective students against actual students.
  • Send bulk emails or SMS for warning letters for attendance or overdue fees etc.
  • Track and monitor student progress and move students between levels easily.
  • Store student visa & CoE dates in the one system, view and report easily.
  • Track and manage all your Agent performance and their commission payments.
  • Manage OSHC provider invoices and payments.
  • Manage Homestay and Accommodation Providers and rooms allocation. Includes finances (invoicing and receipt from students and payment to homestay providers) and room allocation including non-availability and searching for possible suitable accommodation available.