Our Difference

Our Difference

One integrated cohesive system to replace many disjointed ones

  • CRM – From tracking leads, website enquiries, to graduating prospects, receiving and processing applications it’s all built in.
  • Full Student Lifecycle – Enrolments
  • Timetabling and Resource Management – create classes and allocate to your students to mark and track their attendance. Manage what teachers and trainers are available as well as class room allocations
  • Website forms – we build custom forms for your website, handle enrolments, applications, agent lists, all from within our integrated software
  • Survey systems – send your students and employers their questionnaires to be completed online. Capture all the data in TEAMS and export the Quality Indicator annual summary report for ASQA directly from the system.
  • Document Management – Handle and manage all student related documents in our system and have it link to student and enrolment files for easy access.
  • LMS – No need for a separate LMS. We have it built into our software, allowing you to link assessment tasks to competencies/modules, students can download resource documentation for their assessment tasks, watch videos, take online quizzes and view relevant resources for the quizzes, submit documents for their assessment tasks and see final results all from the student portal. And all this is managed and updated on a regular basis, no need for a third party expert just to manage and maintain your LMS.
  • Accounts Receivable – Full record keeping including Invoicing, Receipting, Instalment plans
  • Accounts Payable(Commissions) – Manage Agents and commissions payable completely from within TEAMS. Track multiple levels of commissions and types of commissions easily.


We do detailed, personalised implementation and onboarding like no one else in the industry. With quality over quantity being our focus, you gain the full attention of our extensive support team without the distraction of mass marketing. Ask yourself, would you rather a sterile and repetitive implementation that is done without client feedback, or would you prefer the support of a team who can identify and provide the individual nuances and services specific to your business, in a timely fashion? It’s the same reason why gourmet 5 star restaurants have finesse and quality that a junk food shop could not even come close to matching.

Attention to detail

Whether you are big or small, we provide you with an attention to detail that is generally only experienced by big organisations that are used to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on software. Your processes are understood, through taking the time to truly get to know you and your business. Only after we have a deep understanding of where you are and where you would like to go, do we begin working on getting you live. We tweak your processes, streamline your inefficiencies and integrate as many systems together as we can.

Feature Rich

Our application is rich in detail and capability like nothing else in the market. We do things such as deep student and agent accounting, finance management (including revenue calculations), automation of alerts, resource management and advanced features such as timetabling. If you truly want an application that you can be used from inception to becoming a behemoth in the industry, then you have come to the right place.

Genuine Support

While most providers boast phone support, our team thrive in providing detailed and fast resolution to your issues. With a support team focused solely on customer satisfaction, our clients receive ongoing, in-depth care on a regular basis. With a quick turnaround on errors, averaging approximately 4 to 6 weeks (rather than 4 to 6 months) our update cycle is short and gets your team back on their feet that much sooner. We give you intensive training and create custom videos for your organisation that are exclusively yours, with no one-size-fits-all kind of training.

Transparent Fees and Charges

While most providers can have very confusing plans with multiple hidden charges , our charges are transparent, open and all inclusive. We do not charge for customisation, minor tweaks or hands-on personalised implementation.

Data Quality and Compliance Readiness

We focus on data quality. The quality of your data is critical to your business, especially around audit time. You need high levels of accuracy and clean data so as not to get yourself in trouble. Most providers can ‘gloss over’ your AVETMISS returns or fudge submissions through their validation algorithms. Your data, if missing or wrong, instead of being corrected, gets adjusted to what looks ‘right’ in the moment without forcing your staff to maintain data properly. This approach, while seeming to get things up and running quickly, can cause far reaching knock-on effects when it comes times for a deep audit. As such, when migrating to our software, we insist on doing a proper clean up of your data which gives you a great opportunity to spring clean and set your data up for a more accurate, streamlined approach.