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Streamline and enhance your college management with Australia’s top web-based student management software. Discover how our RTO Software can transform your operations.

Established in 2003, we specialize in integrating departments for training colleges in Australia and overseas, ensuring efficient administration and reduced data duplication. Our services include enterprise-level features, robust client tracking, and advanced reporting. Clients enjoy comprehensive support and training, plus on-site consulting to optimize operations. Elevate your institution with our proven solutions.

Introducing Sandeep Sethi - Managing Director

With nearly 20 years of experience, Sandeep Sethi has pioneered enterprise-level solutions, driving significant results for a diverse range of clients from startups to major corporations across various industries. Specializing in merging cutting-edge software with process and workflow optimization, Sandeep has mastered the art of enhancing organizational efficiency.

Holding university degrees in Accounting and Systems Design, his notable career began with the creation of the College Management System (CMS) for Systems F1, scaling its adoption from zero to over 250 colleges in three years. His consulting prowess extends to global brands like McDonald’s Australia, ICEF GmBh and Trendwest Resorts.

Based in Gold Coast, Australia, Sandeep balances his professional achievements with personal passions including tennis, yoga, reading, and cinema. He cherishes life with his family, drawing strength and inspiration from his home life.


At TEAMS, we empower growing training colleges by seamlessly integrating various departments to enhance efficiency across finance, document management, and compliance. Our approach minimizes redundant tasks and boosts productivity, ensuring a scalable and profitable system.

Founded in 2003 in Melbourne, TEAMS provides top-tier enterprise functionality and robust support services, including unlimited phone, email, and online training, plus on-site consulting. Partner with us to transform your educational management experience.

Introducing Melissa Hamilton-Matthews – Product Manager & Business Analyst


With an impressive 28-year career spanning Tourism & Hospitality, Queensland Public Hospitals, Child Care, IT Recruitment, and the RTO Industry, Melissa Hamilton-Matthews is a seasoned expert in enhancing business operations. She specializes in diagnosing inefficiencies and delivering targeted software solutions and workflow optimizations tailored to the unique needs of each organization.

Melissa’s diverse experience ranges from aiding small businesses to strategizing for multinational corporations with tens of thousands of employees. Her deep understanding of diverse operational workflows enables her to effectively bridge the gap between business challenges and technological solutions.