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Privacy Policy at RTO Sofware

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of RTO Software regulates the storage and usage of all information that you furnish via our websites or web application sites, including TEAMS.

Contents of Privacy Policy​

Value of Personal Information

Recognizing the significance of your privacy as well as that of your clients, affiliates, and related parties, we acknowledge your right to manage and access your personal information. We handle and safeguard your personal information with the utmost seriousness and care.

Our privacy policy elucidates how we protect your personal information and privacy.

Support Sites and User Accounts

we provide our clients with an online Support Site where they can get in touch with our support staff. As part of the product implementation process, we offer all our clients User Accounts for our Articles & Forums sites.

To acquire these User Accounts, clients are required to furnish personal and company information

Information Collection

1. Are you neither a client of RTO Software nor able to access our application sites?

We collect information about your website usage when you visit our website, including details such as the time of visit, duration, page views, and IP address for identification purposes.

Our objective is to enhance your user experience and provide customized content that aligns with your preferences. If you haven’t registered for membership or accessed our application websites, rest assured that the information collected remains anonymous.

2. Logging in as a client/member on our support and articles sites:

To offer complete membership benefits, we gather personal information, such as your email, name, and suburb, during your registration for our customer support site.

Additionally, we may update your member profile as you interact with our platform by updating your details or subscribing to our newsletters.

3. Logging in to our application sites and accessing our paid services:

During registration for our paid services (TEAMS), we may collect application-specific information, such as client names, business details, and email addresses.

We adhere to strict confidentiality and policies concerning software licenses, data security, backup, and security breaches. Our staff code of conduct mandates that we take responsibility and appropriate measures to secure your information.

Privacy Preservation

Although we acknowledge that sharing personal information to join RTO Software may cause discomfort for some, membership is required to access our Articles & Forums site.

Our clients’ privacy and information protection are of utmost importance to us, and we gather data solely to enrich their personalized experience on our sites.

Use and Disclosure of Information

We will not disclose any information about you without your consent unless:

  • Required by law.
  • Necessary to provide the service you have requested.
  • We suspect a breach of the Terms of Use relating to the Site by your use of the RTO Software sites.
  • It is necessary to mitigate a severe threat to a person’s health or safety.

Communication through Service and Promotional Messages

We keep our clients informed with service emails about important updates, changes, and developments on the RTO Software Sites. These emails help you use our services efficiently.

Additionally, we may send you exclusive member offers from selected partners, email newsletters you’ve subscribed to, and updates on our products and services.

You can manage the information you receive from us by:

  • Updating your Membership profile to adjust communication preferences.
  • Unsubscribing from received messages.
  • Contacting us via our privacy feedback form. (Please allow up to seven days to process such requests.)

Information Storage and Security

We ensure the security and accuracy of your information through various measures such as storing it on protected servers and restricting access to authorised personnel. Confidentiality is a must for our employees and contractors.

To enhance security, it’s advisable to safeguard your password and inform us of any unauthorised use. It’s important to note that we cannot be held liable for any incidents resulting from unauthorised access to your personal information.

Response to Security Breaches

In the event of a security breach that compromises our servers or sites, we will notify you and take necessary measures to prevent further access. Our Security Breach Policy outlines our liability and response procedures, which we will follow to rectify the breach.

Access to Your Information

To update your information, simply send an email to support@rtosoftware.com.au. If you would like to request the information we have gathered about you, please send an email to the same address while logged in. We will aim to respond to your request within seven days.

Problem or Question Resolution

If you encounter any problems or have concerns about our RTO Software Sites, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our support hotline or email us at support@rtosoftware.com.au. We take all matters seriously and will make every effort to resolve them as soon as possible.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our top priority is to deliver exceptional software and web solutions, which is why we continuously enhance our sites and features. Our Privacy Policy undergoes periodic review and updates to safeguard your privacy and improve your user experience.

We value your trust and encourage you to visit our policy page regularly for any changes or updates.

Further Information on Privacy

For more information about privacy in Australia, we recommend visiting the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC). They provide helpful resources, guidelines, and information about privacy laws and regulations in Australia.