VET College

VET College

Tangible Management Improvements that make your staff more accountable and your business more scalable and profitable!?

Do your clients believe that you deliver quality training & assessment but the administration of this is cumbersome and inefficient?

  • Providing updated and transparent student results to your employers and students immediately in your current systems is not possible?
  • Do your trainers keep paper based records of all their visits and student information that then need to be duplicated into your systems after the fact?
  • Managing your potential against actual income due to be paid from your delivery of training to funded students’ is near impossible?
  • Do you admin staff do a decent job of updating student data in your systems, but you are still getting large error reports at data submission time?

10 Reasons to Integrate TEAMS into your Business

  1. Flexibility in Academic structures: manage student assessment tasks and even sub task (pc’s) for Unit of Competencies and Modules to effectively manage and monitor performance and progress.
  2. Trainers Portal on iPad: let your trainers log their trainee visits, notes and results onsite not after the fact.
  3. Employer & Student Portals: up to date, transparent student data that allows your clients to know how they are progressing.
  4. Documentation Management done for you: upload and store all your student assessment and academic documents, employer and 3rd party contracts or agreements, compliance management meetings etc and let us manage and back it all up.
  5. Data Quality Management: manage your AVETMISS, competency completion counts and other compliance data requirements using in depth workflows and reporting.
  6. Manage potential clients accurately: integrated CRM that allows you to successfully track the entire lifecycle of a lead that includes employers and students.
  7. We are here to help: we regularly consult with our clients to solve problems they face integrating new business and compliance workflows within their business.
  8. Revenue Recognition: recognise income for both funded and fee for service students.
  9. Student data validation management: pre-validation of student data before exporting to NAT files; screen level validation and in depth reports identifying what is missing and what is due, helps to reduce errors at data submission time.
  10. No more manual creation of Training Plans: with inbuilt templates for the NSW Training Plan and a more generalised one for other states, your admin can produce a Training Plan directly from TEAMS.

TEAMS and our Virtual Administration from RTO Software provides you with turnkey solutions for integrating your departments into one system – enhancing user experiences and focussing your efforts on the most productive activities.

With a combined 60+ years experience in maximising businesses process & workflow optimisation, we can help you:

  • Create and track Enrolment Applications and sales staff performance to quantify and manage your progress.
  • Direct online enrolments from your website into one system for quick turnarounds.
  • Centralise your communication logs for all departments.
  • Track and measure prospective clients against actual clients.
  • Send bulk emails or SMS for overdue fees, student academic progress etc.
  • Capture your AVETMISS student data requirements with confidence for State and National Submissions.
  • Integrate your Student & Employer surveys and Competency Completion counts in one automated system.

The RTO Software difference: insightful analysis + integration savvy

There are several RTO software vendors who can help with your student data for AVETMISS and Competency Completions. Our speciality is integration of departments and RTO compliance requirements management in one system and understanding a Local college’s requirements and needs.

Experts with Compliance Data Management

We work extensively with our Local RTO clients to fully understand their workflows, business and compliance requirements. We identify how they can improve their workflows and processes in both our software and the use of our Virtual Administration service. Where appropriate we improve the software’s functionality to update and extend compliance management.