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Benefits of RTO software for your training organizations

Enjoy increased efficiency, streamlined operations, and improved compliance… with TEAMS!

An RTO software, such as TEAMS, can provide your training organization with a range of benefits that can give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Here’s how TEAMS can help you reach your goals

  • Unlimited Access: Secure logins for all staff without extra fees, enhancing accountability and transparency.
  • No-Cap Enrollments: Enjoy unlimited student enrollments with a fixed monthly fee, eliminating variable costs.
  • Comprehensive Support: Access round-the-clock support via phone, web, or email at no additional cost.
  • All-Inclusive Training: Receive thorough training, implementation support, and data import assistance with no hidden charges. 
  • Continuous Updates: Benefit from regular enhancements that keep pace with government regulations and industry best practices.
  • Robust Data Backup: Enjoy secure, twice-daily backups, ensuring your data is always safe and accessible.
  • Source Code Security: Unique Source Code Release Policy guarantees operational continuity, no matter the circumstances.
  • Lifetime Updates Included: Never pay for software updates or upgrades, ensuring long-term savings.
  • Lifetime Bug Fix Guarantee: Permanent bug fix assurance guarantees a smooth, reliable software experience.

TEAMS: Guaranteed Satisfaction, Superior Support

TEAMS extends beyond standard software with a robust satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you receive continuous, exceptional support.


  • Streamlined Operations: Simplify workflows and master industry compliance.
  • Exceptional Reliability: Over 95% retention rate, showcasing our commitment.
  • Tailored Support: Dedicated assistance for audits and operational challenges.

Experience TEAMS:

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