Current Usage Plan

Your use of our services generally requires you to pay a monthly subscription fee based on your subscription type

The usage plan consists of the subscription and subscription fees we offered you, including invoicing, payment, auto-renewal and cancellation terms. The usage plan may vary by the type of college you are and by the number of current students as well as the software edition that you have subscribed to.

Your usage plans may also change if your college grows (or shrinks) in current student numbers as follows:

Up to 100 Students $495 per month
101 to 300 Students $695 per month
301 to 600 Students $995 per month
600 to 1200 Students $1,295 per month

1201 to 1800 Students $1,795 per month
1801 to 2400 Students $2,195 per month
2401 to 3000 Students $2,795 per month
3001 to 4000 Students $3,595 per month
4001 to 5000 Students $4,595 per month
5001+ Students  Price on application