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Are you a CRICOS College?

TEAMS goes beyond typical AVETMISS data management. We specialize in custom compliance solutions and seamless system integration tailored specifically for CRICOS colleges.

Why Choose TEAMS?


  • Precision Compliance: Effortlessly meet all regulatory demands with our CRICOS-focused software.

  • Unified System: Manage everything from admissions to compliance in one streamlined platform.

  • Expert Support: Benefit from our deep CRICOS expertise and tailored solutions.

  • Operational Efficiency: Our integrated system reduces redundancy and boosts accuracy.

  • Proactive Partnership: We’re dedicated to supporting your college’s growth and adapting to changing needs.


Transform your operations with our specialized tools:

  • Offer Management: Streamline creation and tracking for strategic insights.

  • Quick Enrollments: Centralize all sources into one efficient system.

  • Unified Communications: Centralize departmental interactions for clarity and efficiency.

  • Accurate Student Tracking: Align actual enrollments with forecasts.

  • Automated Alerts: Send timely reminders for key compliance issues.

  • Effective Interventions: Manage student interventions with ease.

  • Streamlined Visa & CoE Handling: Simplify compliance and reporting.

  • Agent Management: Monitor performance and manage commissions effectively.

  • OSHC Efficiency: Streamline handling of invoices and payments.

  • AVETMISS Compliance: Accurately capture and report critical data.

  • Integrated Student Metrics: Automate surveys and competency tracking.

Maximize productivity and enhance operational efficiency with our advanced solutions, tailored for the unique needs of CRICOS colleges.