✓ No need for a separate CRM when you use our software

✓ Capture enquiries from your website

✓ Track Agent applications and manage all prospects, emails and SMS in one integrated software

Easily track the progression of a lead student to a prospect, process their application and to a live student. No need for a third party CRM. If you do have another CRM we can easily help you integrate it with our API.

We can integrate with your website online and have your Enrolment and enquiry Forms save data to your TEAMS site. No more double entry and handling.

Agents can also send in applications and we offer Agent Portal for our CRICOS and ELICOS clients as well.

From the application level onwards all data is reused and you can monitor for each course your Offer Letters issued (for CRICOS colleges) to Sign Up’s/Enrolment Acceptances issued (for AVETMISS/Fee for Service colleges).

With marketing reports and dashboards such as Agents Performance, Sales Staff Performance to give you a quick snapshot of your marketing efforts.

Send Email campaigns, SMS and traditional Word Doc letter generation, TEAMS has you covered.

The marketing section features include:

  • Leads (unqualified clients) tracking/monitoring
  • Prospects (qualified clients/to be confirmed) tracking/monitoring
  • Proposals (Offer Letters) tracking/monitoring
  • Email Offer Letters and acceptance letters directly from TEAMS in pdf format
  • Proposals (Offer Letters) expiry monitoring
  • Bulk Emails, SMS or letters to leads, prospects & proposals
  • Online Web Enrolment Form
  • Online Web Enquiry Form

Website Data Capture

Custom designed forms to suit your website.  Accept enrolments and applications on your website and push the data directly into the system.  Publish agent lists and more. All from within our integrated software We can customise forms to suit your website. Enquire Now and Enrol Now buttons can be mapped

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VSL compliant reporting. Capture all VSL data and report nationally. TEAMS is VSL reporting compliant as well. We can capture all your student’s loan details along with the enrolment and report on it for you.  VSL reporting and data capture? Done.  Home > Features  Book Demo Enquire Now…

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Unlimited ‘user’ accounts

No need to fudge or double login users. Create as many users as you like. Add trainers and teachers to allow them to record results and attendance. Even create sales staff logins to record leads and applications on the go. We do not charge you on a per-user-model. So you

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Reliable industrial strength databases

We use Microsoft SQL Server with some clients databases 75 GB+ in size. We use proven industry leading (enterprise level) tools that you can trust and depend on. High capacity back end servers deployed for fast, reliable 24/7 access. We use Microsoft SQL Server as standard with all our clients.

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Customised training videos to suit your processes

We take the time to understand your exact processes. You get software that is especially configured for your organisation. We record custom training videos with your data and processes, tailor made for you. Our ‘go-live’ process is quite unique and detailed. We take the time to understand exactly how things

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Enrolment Center

One location to view all the student’s information Easy navigation to perform common, frequently used tasks Compliance Alerts, Academic Progress, Financials, Documents and more…   Integrated dashboard packed with important information Easy to find actionable buttons and menu items All in the one central place for each enrolment that a

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Accounts Receivable

Full Accounts Receivable capability. Build invoices, manage instalment plans and then do all the receipts, transfers and credit notes as needed. Maintain full account balance with the student file. No more fumbling across multiple systems or searching through excel or sheets to find student financial data. Automated email and SMS reminders

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